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Taking a break

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I am taking a much needed break due to the shit fucking combat system where kids can freeze in black d hide or just choose not to bring a staff and freeze through mage prayer every fucking hit while wielding a rcb, When I have on essentially max basics gear. I have pked tons, and going back into the hybrid/tribrid scene is as shitty as it has ever fucking been. If I risk more than 3m... Hell even if I don't risk. I get a damn team called on me. Forcing me in rag, which I do not find fun at all. What happened to the days of being able to risk and enjoy your self in a 1v1. Long gone our those days, and unfortunately so is this player as of now. I wish you all the best of luck. I will be on for trips when I can be but and that's about it at this point from how i'm feeling. 

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Keep your head up pal. Rng is a bitch..I agree the hybrid/tribrid scene is in a bad spot, the wilderness in general needs some love. Hope to see you getting back at it soon, a break nver hurts.

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