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Resurgence Official GFX Thread

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Resurgence Official GFX Thread

I.    Resurgence GFX

II.   Banners

III.  Dividers

IV.  Awards

V.   Misc.


How to use these graphics:

To use any of the images below, right click the image and click "Open Image URL" or "Copy Image Location."  If you don't have an option to do that, go to "Properties" and look for "Image URL."

Once you have the link, you either click the button at the top when making a post and paste the link OR you can type out image tags around it like the example below:


If you want the picture to link back to Resurgence forums, use the code below:

[url=https://resurgence-rs.com/community/][img=PASTE LINK HERE][/url]

To set up an avatar, go to your profile settings at the top right and put the link into the avatar box.


Want your graphics in this topic?

If so, post a topic in the Media section with the graphics you have created and link it to an official to take a look at.  From there an official will decide on whether to have the graphic added to this topic or not.

Keep in mind that this topic is for general Resurgence graphics, and not for graphics that you may have created with your name or other member names on them.

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