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Spiny Cactis Progress log

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This will be the log of all my progress during my journey to making my first pking account on Old School. Updated daily.


Fresh of Tutorial island




Started the account by doing some newbie quests



Then did some afk skilling while I wrote my Chambers guide


Planning on banging out a ton of quests tomorrow and getting mm1 done

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Couple quests today and some boring skilling for heros/legends quest pre-reqs.1-53 fishing and 1-45 wc. Hopefully going to do digsite tomorrow and work on 60 mining for lunar diplo.1968819750_Quest(theMonksFriendQuest).png.c264096f9a73c3baad8b6518f1a7a960.pngFishing(53).png.a06c6f02063cc28d63387a56cb337ed7.pngWoodcutting(45).png.e93fce5e35d1aa8ec85956bba99b3f17.png

Quest(the Sea Slug Quest).png

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