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  1. Monday: Woop-Woop that's the sound of the Police Ft. WL Monday night rolled around and the Surgeons decided it was time to turn on the siren's and start seizing the property of anyone that resisted. We started the night off at Rev Cave Entrance, enjoying the free Multi-Loot while we still can. Where we quickly smoked several teams (look at the Gwas below). and the Boys all standing their with their giant AGS sized dicks out waiting for a spear kill (l0l @ gif). We moved to altar and busted down those doors like we had a search warrant and bing-bang-boom fucking AGS. Yoink. We also ran into WL on a small man trip, and caught them in a fat clump on the door. It wasn't a fair fight, but we fairly confiscated their items as the people in the Gwas died. You did take us by surprise with the "T00kSLEEPING" mass name changes though 😉. After hitting everyone who was resisting wi at Altar, we figured some criminals had gone back to entrance. Low and behold two CRIMINALS with Toxic staffs were there, and we QUICKLY seized that contraband. After a few minutes we caught the unmistakable scent of some STINKY FUCKIN PURES and quickly caught some FAT clumps on them as they turned the corner. As soon as the scent of them sticky pures left us, we got word some 85-FOOT-LONG-WHAAAALES were in Falador Park, and what do you know, we thought it would be a nice way to end the night harpooning some whales. (shout out to famous internet celebrity @Gabo Fire) Solid night. Glad to be a Surgeon. PLUS ONES
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