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  1. Testified

    big lurkers need to become big bolters lets gooooooo
  2. Testified

    Coming to a rev cave near you; BIG DICK SURGEONS
  3. On this fine Sunday evening/Monday morning Resurgence pulled 10 massively hung Surgeons to storm the wilderness. Early on we immediately ran into some whales at GDZ, followed by some shit pures. The pures thought we were pures and wasted 20 minutes setting up a fight to ultimately get merked by some guys who were definitely not pures. We then ran into a new clan called Override and had a good little sesh with them matched ops, in the end the big swinging dicks from Resurgence full cleared them and the fight was over. We then move to Rev caves and found some good action in no time, running into the likes of Venezuela's finest snake skin clad warriors. We had a few fights with the Army of the Peoples Republic of Venezuela and pked multi snakeskin bandanas. Following this battle of countrymen we moved for a short hop around Altar and didnt find much and decided to call it a night. Very much looking forward to Resurgence making a comeback boys, good shit tonight!
  4. @Stl Arrowis the coolest white guy I know


  5. Testified

  6. Testified

    just go zerk on your pure, no balls. u fuckin wont.
  7. Testified

    cleannnn i need to clean my bank tabs so bad.
  8. Testified

    1-0, gg.
  9. Testified

    was sick. would recommend.