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  1. Wiggly whale

    oh my
  2. Wiggly whale

    congratulations to seth on his 115 combat med, kinda hurts to see turmoil leaders having there members ruining meds for the third time
  3. Wiggly whale

  4. Wiggly whale

    urgur blur
  5. Wiggly whale

    pew pew pew pew pew
  6. Wiggly whale

    oh my
  7. Wiggly whale

    nice writeup, i'll be dammed he does have it in him
  8. Wiggly whale

    multibots have discovered machine learning, wildy is dead its official
  9. Wiggly whale

    mishstick focusers, we die once for 2m set, they die once for 25m set. It's just basic calculus
  10. Wiggly whale

    wasnt there like 19 ags pics in +1 pics?
  11. Wiggly whale

    Truly an exquisite writeup. Nice work fellers
  12. Wiggly whale

    As has recently been brought to my attention by Piety, Rune defenders with ornament kits attached to them will not be lost in deep wilderness. To take advantage of this one can run multiple rune defenders with ornament kits in wars and then pick all of them up from deaths office afterwards. As rune defender ornament kits run for about 20k ea, and each defender offers +20 accuracy and +5 str bonuses. this offers a couple of different options leaf bladed battleaxe + Rune def + myth guild cape --> comparable dps to zgs, and you have the option to bring an additonal +1, say Toxic staff, armadyl crossbow, Ring of suffering (i), or Dinh's bulwark for tanking. or crystal shield if your a cheap rat. Setups on zerk such as tent whip + rune def offer insane dps + stupid scim accuracy for specs. Really there are a bunch of options but thought it'd be fun if more people in RES knew and could start to find some different ways to abuse it in wars.
  13. Wiggly whale

    spoon. Gratz stinker ❤️
  14. Wiggly whale

    Insane progress pictures, Already maxed on tutorial island. Can tell this feller is a real gaymer, huge props feller. Good work doing the construction grind first, galaxy brain
  15. Wiggly whale

    Holiday Small man Loot dump I hope erryone has been enjoying our planned hiatus over the holidays, shoutout to Dylan's Nan for once again agreeing to host RES's annual New Year Barbecue and Sausage roast, looking forward to seeing you all tonight. Our small man trips have been brief and nothing really that special has happened, however +1 pics are starting to accumulate again from the last few days and no one really wants to make topic ergo here we are. In the words of our glorious Leader STLTyler "Sometimes when life gets you down you gotta sheeby mmmm koo hooby loo jubbly chompy hoo boo zoo gibbly flobbity." Some SV rat portal launched himself and managed do die in 6 hits to 3 people, before his team showed up. Remember to put on your hides to tank fellers, or just stay in cabbage risk Smited, ags gmaul followup for 100 dmg stack. Ty for Armadillo sword Tbed in singles, with his 3 main team followed a bait into multi. Promptly euthanised in robes by 3 people. Another classic mystic robe tanker. Love to see it. Clean singles kill for one of our Wonky Whale brids Got launched by bibles Antipking I cba Dragging and Dropping 100+ mystic kills. On the bright side most people aren't posting there killpics so that remedies that pretty nicely. woops_misclick.mp4 its_a_prank.mp4
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