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  1. Rip harold. You were the best wilderness cat. Taken from us too soon. Gone but not forgotten : ' (

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    bwena has webbed toes
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    bruh fresh +1 pics from wednesday to be used in this topic.
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    wowwwww blasted
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    uhhhh sir, i would reccomend altars over ectofunctus, either wildy or in a house.
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    ohhh myyyyyy
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    fun to have some action with other clans, thank you dynasty
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    eat ure bolts vermin, I mean uhhhh gf venge
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    Hi my names Wiggly, welcome to my 99 attack tank guide. This is gonna be a wall of text my sincere condolences for that, however if reading paragraphs is the breaking point for you building a 99 attack tank. It's probably not the build for you. WHY build a 99 attack tank: Dscim for cwa is hella accurate with piety, In singles your a Monster tber in all scenarios. Also its just a flex, when people look your up they will know you have SERIOUS issues. Variations - So to be ranged based you can have 148 combined str/attack levels --> this means 99 attack, 49 strength is range based. The issue with this is that Kandarin hard diary (10% bolt proc increase) requires 50 strength to complete the task "equip a granite platebody" Due to this, me and the majority of other "99 attack tanks" choose to get 50 strength. For me since I do a lot of singles I am unwilling to skip on the increased ranged dps by not having access to the diary due too 49 strength. Technically you are melee based if you choose the 50 str route so use a combat level calculator to determine how it will affect your build at different points (70, 97,99 defense etc), You could also be 98 attack 50 strength, and that would be range based but it's lowkey just uggers and not for me. Things you CANNOT DO --> Do any barbarian fishing, take any non-mandatory str exp rewards from quests. manually train your strength at all. To this effect I would really recommend setting your dragon spear on Defensive, Using runelite settings to "warn" and "remove" for the strength attack style (setting can be found under "attack styles" on runelite" First thing you need to do is decide if your going for 49 or 50 strength. Note that the experience I put is 1 exp off the next level, you wanna stay like 10k exp lower then this unless your a psychopath. 49 strength = 101,332 exp is 1 experience off 50 strength. 50 strength = 111,944 exp is 1 experience off 51 strength Strength exp Quest List: I would really reccomend breaking out a calculator and triple checking your ending exp. However this is the basic build to make a proper account with piety 49 strength The absolute mandatory strength quests to properly quest your account are : Tai bwo wanna trio (0 exp skip exp reward by not talking to the brother after quest completion), The fremennik Trials (2,812exp), Heroes Quest (3,075 exp), Horror from the Deep (4,662.5), Roving elves (10k exp), Waterfall quest ( 13,750) Dragon slayer 1 (18,650), Camelot Knights training Room (20k exp) Monkey madness 1 reward (20k exp) This minimum requirement leaves you with level 49 attack and 92,949.5 exp. 8383.5 exp off 50 attack. This Means if you've done everything perfectly you have just over 8k experience to play with, meaning you can squeeze in the myreque questline, and still be 49 strength. Since I opted for the 50 strength build for kandarin bolt proc chance. I also chose to complete the Myreque questline, for 2600 exp, and scorpion catcher 6,625 exp to pop me to 102,170 exp just over the 50 attack threshold and with approximately 9k exp for mishaps. Please note if you chose to go for kandarin hard diary, you will be required to catch a Leaping sturgeon which does give minimal str exp, Please do this before your questing incase you get ridiculously unlucky or otherwise shit the bed. Note: you can complete Tai bwo wannai trio and not take the 2.5k str exp reward by not talking to Tamayu the brother that gives it after the quest. Recommendations: This is a sick build, if you build it properly I would highly recommend doing your diaries and higher end quests after investing this much effort into a build additional quests: MM2 (bally) , DS2 (dora explorer backpack), Song of the Elves (big dick energy, wear a spectral on your head). Diaries: Wildy hard diaries (obleisk in house), Kandarin hard diary (10% increased bolt proc), Western hard Diaries (Elite Void) My personal account account progression strategy (6 meds) --> 83 con, 77 prayer, Follow this questing progression https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Optimal_quest_guide with using reward points primarily on agility until you unlock Bone voyage at 113 qps. Use Fossil island for Birdhouse + hardwood tree runs + training attack at ammonite crabs triple spawn. 69 slayer in wilderness with Cannon. Work towards MM2 completion, max range/mage with mm2 tunnels. Slowly work towards stretch goals (diaries, ds2, Sote) If you complete the stretch goals and Diaries by default you will be a maximum of 18 levels off 1750 total, This is a great way to "finish up" your clanning account, dont be a puss round it out nicely so it looks clean af. Tips and Tricks *Since you are going to be 99 attack you have free entrance to cyclops, can abuse this to farm defenders without having to get tokens (ornament kits make defenders go to gravestone in deep wildy, strong for scimming in wars) If your being a cheap fuck and not using chins to max your defense, get 99 attack first at ammonite crabs with dfs, and then head over to the warrior guild and afk farm rune/dragon defenders. Builds and stopping points : Obviously there are different variations you can do and stopping points to finish your account at. In my opinion these are the 3 variations worth mentioning, All have access to elite void, diaries + the same dps output the difference is how "tanky" you want your 99 attack tank to be. 100 Combat elite void, I've had two of these accounts both 99 attack 50 strength, and 50 attack 99 strength variations. If your comfortable on low combat accounts looking for a novelty build, this builds just straight dumpster pures/zerks up at chins + in pvp worlds, maxed accuracy scims on 100 combat is straight broken This second one is the build I currently have, all the benefits of a maxed tank, 3 lower combat levels as I am capable of drinking restores, Pretty fun and tanky in all scenarios This build would be your standard "maxed 99 attack tank" pretty much just a juggernaut for clanning not much to say here, Note I would really reccomend against getting the last two prayer levels for 99 prayer as in my opinion 2 prayer levels is not worth a combat level and 110 combat kinda emphasizes the fact you are melee based and your tank is actually a super artistic main. Note: if anyone is actually interested in building a 99 attack tank, feel free to hit me up on discord with any questions --> wigglywalrus#4732 That's pretty much it good luck my dudes. quest list
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    oh my
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    congratulations to seth on his 115 combat med, kinda hurts to see turmoil leaders having there members ruining meds for the third time
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    urgur blur
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    pew pew pew pew pew
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    oh my
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