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  1. Obeyed

    Good to see ya back my man!
  2. Resurgence too strong in multi & singles.
  3. Obeyed

    Nice loots as always.
  4. Obeyed

    Nice performance in singles fight
  5. Obeyed

    Such a sick trip
  6. Obeyed

    What a trip! If you wanna make GP you go to Slagger's altar trips.
  7. Thank you for trip. Another day another dollar
  8. Obeyed

    What a fuckin trip. Thanks for trip & tbers
  9. Obeyed

    Nice quick flip
  10. If this isn't broken idk what is
  11. Obeyed

    Grats on loot. Slagger sis the curse
  12. Obeyed

    Welcome. Hope to see ya around.
  13. Obeyed

    Welcome! Hope to see ya around.