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  1. Bibles

    #res baby
  2. Bibles

    Sunday: Resurgence vs Deathrow We prepped tonight to have a scrap with Fate knowing there would be a chance that they would cancel & as expected they did. This time the Vikings were unable to come to the rescue to fight us so we reached out to our boyz over at Deathrow HQ seeing if they were interested in a small last minute scrap and they gladly accepted. We massed up 20 Surgeons (not including the 5 or so shareds we have) and that battle began shortly after east of ghorrok. We set up this fight obviously because we wanted a fight but we decided to do matched opts to make it even more difficult for us so we could get that solid practice in. So I think it was safe to say DR had the upper hand majority of that fight, but we definitely had our moments and held our ground despite fighting same opts against maxed mains. Overall the fight was a huge success as it was crash free as all of our fights the past month have been . Thanks for the fight Reapers; always a pleasure.
  3. Bibles

    +1s galore
  4. Bibles

    gg and strong scroll down
  5. Bibles

    good job @Bwena J @P I E T Y
  6. Bibles

    ggs tho
  7. Bibles

    bruh atleast i lost to the man that won it all keh
  8. Bibles

  9. Bibles

  10. Bibles

    strongggggggggggggggggggggggggg #res
  11. Bibles

    MONDAY MADNESS The strong surgeons were hungry once again and began their hunt on this lovely Monday evening for bonk loot. The surgeons sacrificed MULTIPLE whales for their +1s and tallied up over 200m+ in loot. We hopped at chins and tbed/focused everyone in our sight. Whether it be singles or multi, there is no where to hide. Surgeons filled their bellies and their looting bags to the brim tonight. '
  12. Bibles

  13. Bibles

    good work boiz
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