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  1. Returnof see

    Good fight tt and awesome job guys we killed it tonight
  2. Returnof see

    Great job boys wished I was there
  3. Gf veng ty off. Great fight team
  4. Returnof see

    Good shit boys. Poor ez they clan so sad they mass to visit cwa and watch bahahahaha. Good shit boys
  5. Returnof see

    Great job boys. Aprry I skipped early. Irl stuff. Great job boys major kills
  6. Returnof see

    Was a goodnight and lots of good loot great job boys
  7. Returnof see

    Great job boys
  8. Returnof see

    Great job boys. That looked like a wild trip
  9. Returnof see

    Great job boys. Gf veng always a pleasure
  10. Returnof see

    Goodjob fam
  11. Returnof see

    Gf veng great turnout. Good job fam
  12. Returnof see

    Good job tonight. To bad shitty ass clans gotta crash. Good job fam
  13. Returnof see

    Good job fam. Always representing res at its finest
  14. Returnof see

    Great job boys. Was a good night
  15. Returnof see

    Great work fellas
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