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  1. Nursering

    Easy money
  2. Nursering

    Clean af, good job sturgeons!
  3. Nursering

    A fking feast, good job!
  4. Nursering

    Decent night, gz on the loots sturgeons!
  5. Nursering

    Good shit tonight, feels good to be a sturgeon!
  6. Nursering

    Where the fuck was EZ? PE suiciding while poking to mass their daddy clan :spit:
  7. Nursering

    Shit was fun af
  8. Nursering

  9. Nursering

    Good shit sturgeons, we keep feasting
  10. Nursering

    Clean action!
  11. Nursering

    Another good day, good job surgeons!
  12. Nursering

    Big dick surgeons smiting plus1 instead of macing people, keep trying to be like us dogs; keep barking
  13. Nursering

    Huge thanks to Dylan for helping me out with some grammatical errors 🙂
  14. Nursering

    First of all I want to congratulate the fathers on this special day in name of all the surgeons. Hope yall had a nice day. We started the night with a small man hopping around Venenatis looking for some action, banging out some unlucky pvmers here and there until we found PE, so we cleared them from our hill, PE happily donating us a couple sets. We crossed over with some random Pkers, and we took a juicy SOTD off one of them, thank you for your donations lads. After clearing everything around Venenatis we decided to relocate to Vetion and the surgeons didn't regret it, as we found Team America on a small man trip. We fought for a couple minutes until we smited an AGS from one of their leaders, causing them to dip and mass poke to come back for us. Having said that, fighting mains and under opts we decided to switch locations to Rev Entrance, but It was pretty dead so we called it a night. Overall bank made today.
  15. Nursering

    Good shit dude, I want to motivate you so, if you get 99 str within 48 hours Ill give you 20m! The game start!
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