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  1. Nursering

    Res wins again
  2. One more time the Surgeons decided to sweep around in Wilderness, looking for some action. We started at Altar, after quick 10 minutes of clearing everything we moved to Vennenatis that seemed to be more dead than PVM content. Right after we switched location to Vetion, and after 5 minutes of hopping around we find Bullfrogs, this new mix between DK/PD/SC/IF/Latinos. Fighting down opts we poked and peeked at 20 Surgeons, fighting them back and forth at Boneyard we managed to completely clear them while they were regrouping at 19s waiting to rerush the fight. We took the juicy loot spreading away some geeeby geeeby mmmhhkeh and teled out, just to rush them back at 19s. After several minutes of farming them they decided to come back in rag setup, so we decided to call it a day. Ty FF Bullfrogs!
  3. Nursering

    Res wins again
  4. Nursering

    Gf veng, and ty ff
  5. Nursering

    Good shit
  6. Nursering

    30m beans directly to Resurgence back pocket, EZ sponsoring lmfao
  7. Nursering

    No fucking way LOOOOOOOOOOOOL
  8. Nursering

    very fun fight, ty vikings!
  9. Nursering

    we definitely destroyed Wilderness while small manning
  10. Small group of Surgeons randomly decided to sweep around Wilderness without prepping, we started hopping at Vetion, looking for any laggards from that cluster fight at W332. In matter of couple minutes we crossed over with PD and SC, we managed to get couple of them for whale loots then we decided to dip. Since Vetion was dry as fuck we moved to Vennatis and immediately we catch some VR members, we all logged and the fight started. Both sides having amazing tanks and clumps, but at some point, Im going to say it felt like we definitely had the upper hand majority of the battle. After the Surgeons showed dominance and VR moved east to singles to regroup and rerush we teled out and asked them for a proper 2nd round. The second fight started right next to Sperm Hill but randomly Latinos + PD trying to be relevant logged in hoping to join the fight. Sadly they were a zero to the left, with no DPS and bad piles we cleared them all. Then we moved to 44s to do the last round vs VR. At this point we had our weekly clean action so we decided to call it a good day. Ty for the clean action VR.
  11. Nursering

    2k total unit growing! Gz!
  12. Nursering

    While Turmoil desesperately scouting all worls and all locations lmfao
  13. Nursering

    Gf Vikings
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