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  1. Nursering

    Ty ff DR
  2. Nursering

    Good shit boys!
  3. Nursering

    Pking uncontested
  4. Nursering

    Res in top as always
  5. Nursering

    Ty ff Veng
  6. Nursering

    clean med fight
  7. Nursering

    The Surgeons set out to have our weekly 20v20 vs the Vikings expecting another intense battle. As always today's scrap was extremely high paced with multiple one hits and numerous good tanks on both sides. The DPS tonight I think it's safe to say was on point all around making it extremely hard to tank a lot of the time. Surprisingly enough there weren't as many clumps as usual in these fights, but it was definitely higher paced then normal, which is really what makes these fights so much fun! Thanks for the clean wildy action Vikings; we're coming for that CWA dub!
  8. Nursering

    ROT eating all their members lmfao, how long till turmoil close again?
  9. Nursering

    Ty ff vikingos!
  10. Nursering

    n0n already logged out lmfaoo, easy peasy lemon squeezy
  11. Nursering

    Today venny nurse got poked to rag some shitty clans at Wilderness, this time was SV who though can outlast this modafucking ragger and his fellas at BC. Fight started at GDZ and SV switched to 1item after 20 minutes to start a huge NS fight, that it is still going while im writing this topic (Im still bolting trash pkers with my ACB dw) After several hours and hundreds of kills mainly of n0n, Bleed Joker, Kai Phan and N_MB, SV realized about their huge mistake, trying to NS some hungry motherfuckes wasn't good idea lads. "n0n" started so motivated, focusing me every return, and spamming weird shit about me, but after the first 5 hours he turned on his autotyper, and gradually started to log out his "alts" and turning on his scripts to try to stay alive at GDZ. Definitely not a good look for Anti Venny Nurse alliance. PM Nursering#0199 for NS fight any time, any world, any day, Ill smoke your fucking dirty white ass. How it started: How it ended 10 hours later:
  12. Nursering

    Res wins again
  13. Nursering

    You guys feasting wtf, insane loot pics!
  14. Nursering

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