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  1. Nursering

    Res in top as always
  2. Nursering

    ty ff VR!
  3. Nursering

    All of ez joined rot lolza
  4. Nursering

    Ty ff vikingos
  5. Nursering

    Res wins again
  6. Nursering

    This is why im res
  7. Nursering

    Mad respect to the boys!
  8. Nursering

    ty ff VR
  9. Nursering

    Gj surgeons
  10. Nursering

    Clean fight as always!
  11. Nursering

    Ty ff lads!
  12. Nursering

    This is why im Res
  13. Nursering

    ty for the fight lads
  14. Nursering

    Starting the week on the right foot, we decided to satisfy our war need, so we asked Violent Resolution for a Wilderness fight, with 22 Surgeons we were ready for the battle. We started at Bandit Camp, getting some 1 bangs and clumps, the fight was tied, our returns were faster than usual. After 10 minutes of fighting, PD decided to log in without an invitation, so we dipped and relocated for the second round. We moved to 19s port, starting the battle again, after couple minutes PD logged in again, so we decided to bolt them back, but after couple minutes SV/EZ logged in absolute rag gear, so it started to become into a cluster rag fest, but you know, surgeons prefer clean fights, so we teled out. At this point, not happy with those battles, we started looking for other clan to fight, so we asked Deathrow for a 30 minute round in deep wild. We moved to 44s, and started the fight. Both clans with high quality members were dominating at some point of the fight, clumps here and there, nice tanks everywhere and after 30 minutes we ended with some fall in spams. One more time we got our weekly clean fight. Ty for the clean action!
  15. Nursering

    Ty for the fight Deathrow!
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