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  1. Nursering

    Ty for ff! Hella fun!
  2. Nursering

    Gf lads! ty ff!
  3. Nursering

    Good job mamabichos!
  4. Nursering

    Good job surgeons! Hella fun 😛
  5. Nursering

    Hugeee, we made bank today!
  6. Nursering

  7. Nursering

    Feels good to be a surgeon
  8. Nursering

    Hella fun ngl
  9. Wednesday: Clan Wars P2P Action ft. Wilderland After a good day being a surgeon and having a successful day, Wilderland approched us asking for some clean P2P Clan Wars action. We gladly accepted the challenge and poked 20 strong shooters. We had three clean fights of which we were winners two of them. Ty for the clean action WL and lot of respect for stepping up in P2P. Round 1: Win Starting: Ending: Round 2: Win Starting: Ending: Round 3: Loss No pictures
  10. Nursering

    Good job surgeons! Love the video song ngl 😄 Ty ff Vikingos!
  11. Nursering

    Gf Vikingos, ty for clean action!
  12. Nursering

    The Surgeons decided to change plans from doing inners today to hitting up the wildy instead. After having scouts out all afternoon we found a fair share of teams around the Veti'on/Vennantis area so we decided to head up and see what stank we could snag. Unfortunately the original team around Veti'on had relocated elsewhere so we checked Vennenatis; killed a few single pkers eventually running into a Veng small man. We out numbered them quite heavily at the start so I think its safe to say R1 was definitely in our favor. After they hit the mass poke the opts for more even and the fight ended up going back and forth as our usual fights go. Turmoil decided to crash after about 30mins (how're you that late to a hit when you have 5 different clans in your team to mass with lmao), so we moved locs and restarted. We moved to Fally PvP, fought for about 15 more minutes then decided to call it a night. Thanks for the action as always Vikings. After a small break the Surgeons decided to sweep around, killing and banging out some whales, leaving the pictures below. Another succesful day for Resurgence. #SugmaChorizo
  13. Nursering

    Fucking bsers keh
  14. Nursering

    Easy day!
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