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  1. Bwena J

  2. Bwena J

    ur out the klan m8
  3. Bwena J

  4. Bwena J

    Ty ff veng. Ty 4 gp
  5. Bwena J

  6. Bwena J

    Res wins again
  7. Bwena J

    Weekend +1 extravaganza Beem bam boom, past couple of days have been full of insane PK's and stack outs. From singles to multi, the res unit left clicking heads off. With the wildy being drier than fuck we managed to find the whales who just finished swiping their credit cards at ABD gold to pk in risk. Enjoy cluster of +1 pics
  8. Bwena J

    Good shit boys. Venny caller yet we smoked everyone on sight
  9. Bwena J

    again and again and AGAIN
  10. Bwena J

    Monday Madness Ft. Res Singles Unit BAHWENAAAAAA here wiggling my fat butt into your forums again. On this week's episode of "How many +1 and max kills can res get" we found a plethora of waggling whales roaming the wild, and we did what we do best. Give em the razzle dazzle and yoink a full tb on them and hunt them down like the freaks they are. +1 after +1. Our bellies we're fuller than wiggle's purse after every max kill. Enjoy the fruitful topic of +1 kill pics RuneLite_-_Save_Me_2021-03-15_22-51-26_Trim.mp4 sniped.mp4 gobble_gobble.mp4 and_a_boop.mp4 fucking_squealer_smh.mp4 RuneLite_-_Save_Me_2021-03-10_00-06-11_Trim.mp4
  11. Bwena J

    Love to see it
  12. Bwena J

  13. Bwena J

    again and again and again..........
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