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  1. Bwena J

    again and again and again..........
  2. Tuesday: Smoking EZ Small man Ft. Zenith BAHWENA checking in on this beautiful tuesday night to keep you updated with the stank the surgeons have been making. Not only did the surgeons make some stank, we also exploded the f*ck out of silly ass EZ small man. Shitheads got caught slacking at our humble abode splooder. Have you ever seen a flock of geese get hunted? Well that's how we treated them. Moments after them getting cleared, Zenith decided to contest and get the same smoke. The wanna be med-pures gnats fed us plenty of mystics and tomes like the good bugs they are. Once the wildy was cleared the surgeons moved to where all the whales wonder in singles. Couple TB/Fall ins later, bank was fucking made. Overall successful tuesday night.
  3. Bwena J

  4. Bwena J

    Res winning again? Yup
  5. Bwena J

    Res wins again and again and again
  6. Bwena J

  7. Bwena J

  8. Bwena J

    ALL THE SINGLE LADIES The surgeons single's hit squad strike once again. Claiming MULTIPLE Toxic staffs and many other +1's like dragonic clawz. The constant small mans consisted of the few surgeons frolicking through chins/splooder in mystics and rags. The second we caught a sneaky tb (full or half) dad 1 and dad 2 would log in and absolutely obliterate and feed the hungry fellers. Everyone had a full tummy by the end of each of these trips. Enjoy the splooge of +1 pics from the last 1-2 days yoink_8_milly.mp4 RuneLite_-_Save_Me_2021-02-06_16-30-31_Trim.mp4 11m.mp4 claw_chance.mp4 yow.mp4 claws.mp4 SMH.mp4 RuneLite_-_Save_Me_2021-02-04_21-46-03_Trim.mp4
  9. Bwena J

    l0l he aint lying
  10. Bwena J

    Fellas the amount of +1's we've pked the last few days are ridiculous. Good fucking job
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