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  1. Bwena J

    3-0 no surprise. Res on my chest
  2. Bwena J

  3. Bwena J

    Gf baby res
  4. The Surgeons gathered together for our weekly CWA max gear/weps but with a new opponent this time around. The Wolves over at Terror have been itching to go at it so we did what we do best. We geared up in our BiS gear and began the set of 3 FT25 rounds. Peaking at 25 strong tribridders we began our CWA. First round was an ass clencher but a last second clump saved us. The following rounds were close as well but as the clumps got bigger than nurse's accent, so did the lead. GG Terror. After ending the CWA 3-0'd, the Surgeons weren't satisfied. We hit up Baby Res, Death row for a wildy fight. With 20 Surgeons filled with adrenaline we set off to GhorCOCK for a clean as FUCK fight with Death row. After a good tug-o-war of returns, clumps, spears, (smite flicks on Frost shield for his wyvern) with the dominating main clan, we ended after what felt like a close W over them. GG baby Res ❤️. Another successful Wednesday with nothing but CLEAN, fire, and not rag action. Good day to be a Surgeon CWA VS TERROR WILDY FIGHT VS DEATH ROW Ty for the carepackage 9zP btw LOL
  5. Bwena J

  6. Bwena J

    ur out the klan m8
  7. Bwena J

  8. Bwena J

    Ty ff veng. Ty 4 gp
  9. Bwena J

  10. Bwena J

    Res wins again
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