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  1. KxBii

    Lmao at the ropes...
  2. Still w8ing for my d claw split @Dirty Riguor lolol
  3. KxBii

    Tbh we killed tf out of a lot of people today LOL.
  4. KxBii

    This was a really fun trip.
  5. KxBii

    Omg lmao
  6. KxBii

    Lol, outplayed
  7. KxBii

    Grats on 99 prayer
  8. KxBii

    Lmfao at the Trump pic. I'm dead.
  9. KxBii

    Damn, nice loots!!!
  10. KxBii

    Bank loot was made, well done.
  11. KxBii

    Nice kills 😮
  12. KxBii

    Epic return tab. That is a shit ton of Torag's Platelegs lol.
  13. KxBii

    Well done! Nice progress!!!