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  1. Hank

  2. Hank

    i'm like 99% sure tyler posted the claws i pked w/ broscience on a non+1 world at 2 am, but i'll look through what i got. And I was correct, these are the 2 ones i got while i was at res idr what i got before that and cba searching through years of pics
  3. Hank

    Since I joined here, back in February, we have been trying to form a community where people enjoy chillin and scaping together. Even though some people have come and gone the majority of us stayed the same. But i digress, i created this topic as we just hit a landmark that i have not seen in a very long time. I can confidently say, we probably have the best community on this game. What is 9 + 10? #RESGANGNIGGAYURRME
  4. Hank

    if u think i'm going to believe u have an iron, ur out of ur god dam mind and i want an apology for thinking i would even believe that shit
  5. Hank

    I know I didn't show the right side before but this is where i'm at right now. Massive gains, also finished b gloves, now i'm grinding towards ds2
  6. Hank

    Sorry for lack of updates ladies, will post one shortly!
  7. Hank

    i'd say it was ez
  8. Sunday: CWA / Wildy We started off the day with our planned max gear cwa fights with Team Torment. Unfortunately, we ended up out pulling them and had to sit some of the boys over the handful of rounds we had. We normally are not in this position and I think that threw us off and we weren't on top of our game. As we are also still learning how to manage these max gear fights, we only managed to snag a round off of them. Thanks for the action, was fun! We then decide to take our hungry warriors out to explore the depths of the wilderness. We started out deep were we didn't find much except a couple main teams running south through gap, we battled them as we ran away, picking off a fair few of them, since we were out numbered 2:1. After this we went off to altar, we scrapped with some absolutely dookie butt cheek ass single pkers who kindly donated their dcbs to us. We then headed off to rev caves were we got donated even more looty. All in all, the surgeons came out pretty good today, netting somewhere near 50m golden pesos. LOOT N STOOF
  9. Hank

    That's fucking huge kerk! I miss my zerker, but urs is much nicer
  10. Hank

    Huge job today ladies, bonk was made by honk
  11. Hank

    Sunday: Wilderness Extraction Today we called upon the 20 strongest warriors we could find. We started the night hopping out deep, finding a single pvmer in 10 minutes. Having no luck, we headed out to the cash caves. We pked here for 2 hours fighting random teams supporting the communists in Venezuela and slapping our huge AMERICAN COCKS on their 4heads. While we extracted all of the booty loot from the caves, our 'rivals' (the open cc of meds/mains) were doing a clan wars event against an open cc on a Sunday. #resgangniggayurrme
  12. Hank

    Dead clan tings
  13. Yessir, good job today lady boys
  14. Fights v. Vengeance The men over at Res HQ were offered a couple of fights against Veng for this evening. They asked for two fights, multi and single, so we gathered the troops and headed off to Al-Kharid. Fight started off pretty smoothly for the Surgeons, having got them in a nice little clump to start out. From here, we took control of the fight until a handful of vermin logged in, 15 minutes into our battle. We then decided that was enough multi spells and we wanted to practice some single spells. This fight started off evenly. About 10 minutes in, Veng took control of the fight. 10 minutes later the fight ended and saw some vermin flyin in via 13 ports, so we took ending in edge. Thanks for the fights, med scene action is always fun 😉 #resgangniggayurrme VIDEO LOOT
  15. Hank

    great stuff lady boys, sadly papa had to regain some sleepage hours
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