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  1. Hank

    Good work surgeons, nothing better than CLEAN ACTION
  2. Hank

    Monday Massacre Since it was Memorial day, we decided to not do anything crazy. However, we did have a 4+ hour small man. We started the day PvMing of all things. While one of our strongest surgeons was getting ready to do some GWD, some pkers got ballsy and decided to kill him getting keys. Upon hearing this man was in the absolutely JOOCY BOOTY STANK, we sounded the horn and the small man begun. After extracting his organs and selling them on the black market, they challenged us to some nh fights at edge, they got chanced many times in each fight and teleported out everytime. After the shenanigans, we continued on to the southern Rev Cave entrance. We found some absolute seals hovering, in spear range, the multi line right outside of the cave. Again, his organs were surgically removed to perfection and we were not disappointed. From her we went to altar, spider, vetion, and north cave entrance squeezing the wilderness dry of all it's booty loot. #resgangniggayurrme LOOTATIONS
  3. Turmoil: "WHO DOES CWA ON A SUNDAY????"

    1 week later...

    Turmoil: "We just fought RDK in CWA on Sunday" 

    1. Stl Arrow

      Stl Arrow

      lmfaooo they're desperate to keep their clan alive

  4. Hank

    HUGE as fuck
  5. Hank

    We started off this evening with 15 of the strongest Surgeons around. We went to Vetion and had a small scrap with some randoms mains. Off the bat, they got into a JOOCY clump and we whiped out half of their numbers. The fight went on for ten more minutes before they got cleared. During the fight we gained a few more strong men and moved to caves. We hopped around for a little cleaning the caves out, having not really found any real competition we reached out to DR. We set up a quick 30 min scrap trying to see if anyone from Turmoil would come entertain us. Sadly they didn't 😕 We started off the fight strong and quickly gained control, through solid transitions, catching clumps, and some well-timed spears we held control for the first half of the fight. However, not being dog shit like the individuals over at Turmoil, they were able to shift the momentum into their favor for the last ten or so minutes of the fight. We then returned to the caves looking for some more booty loot. Having hopped around shortly cleaning caves as usual, we unexpectedly hopped into DR. Having both gained a few more ops the fight ensued. Again, we were hoping that there would be some people over at Turmoil willing to come hit us. Sadly, they did not 😞 This fight last around forty minutes with momentum going back and forth neither side really taking control. All in all, both fights were clean as fuck, as expected, thank you for the action Deathrow. VIDEO SPAM/PICS BUT WAIT, WHERE THE FUCK WERE THEY?
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