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Status Updates posted by Dalton

  1. that might be a record.

  2. Opened up TS just in time today to put my mutts back in their cages. 

  3. thx 4 scrap vengers. 

  4. Poor Emil.. mother seemed very upset today.. Dad must not hit the same spots as me 😎

    1. Will


      Hotdog down a hallway 

  5. miss you emil hope mother is doing well. 

  6. Greasy kids smoked again.

  7. I handed you the golden ticket..

  8. Take the first step in the right direction.

  9. Stay in your kennel like a good mutt.

  10. good to see veng hasn't changed much. 

  11. Bark for me mutt.

  12. Living rent free in the orphanage. 

  13. Lmao veng finally put a shock collar on my dog.

    Wise move 😎

  14. I have never witnessed such an emotional break down in my entire life 😂😂

  15. Field side chats about quidditch probably my favorite videos on YouTube right now.

  16. @Symerian get that intro in!

  17. Resurgence making the wild great again!

  18. Imagine playing quidditch.

    Edited by Dalton
    1. Lawrence


      would be crazy

  19. Always on top.