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  1. Occy

    Good fight be!
  2. Occy

    Easy game for us
  3. What a killer fight, but what a toxic name change lmfao
  4. What a fucking huge week! Keep it up fellas
  5. Occy

    Exactly what this man said lol, couldn't word it better myself! Sick progress man!
  6. Occy

    Fun as fuck fights! gf veng!
  7. Occy

    What a fucking trip, uncontested 😏
  8. Occy

    We ain't new BB 😉 just stay quiet hehe
  9. Occy

    Resurgence daily wildy tax shiiiiiit
  10. Occy

    Soooooo much loot!
  11. Occy

    Looks like I missed some good fights!
  12. Occy

    What a crazy fucking trip... ez got smoked as usual... can't do anything without daddy
  13. Occy

    look at you go fella keep it up
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