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  1. arrowdynamix

    Good job bois
  2. arrowdynamix

    Good job bois. Wish I could’ve been there.
  3. arrowdynamix

    We dem boiz
  4. arrowdynamix

    Got 99 Mage tonight. did a 20m drop for any clannies online (including social/pvm clan) sorry if you missed out i'm impatient. Thanks Dylan for making it out lol.
  5. arrowdynamix

    good loots/kills!
  6. arrowdynamix

  7. arrowdynamix

    Good work and fun times guys.
  8. Starting to knock out things like achievement diaries (Kandarin for extra (E) Bolt Specs.) Finally did some skilling and got reqs. for DS2. Finished DS2 and got my Assembler (2 in 50KC TY RNGesus) for some single's PKing. Current stats: To Do: -99 Mage (94 currently and 99 banked.) -Get 1750 Total. (1611 at time of post.) -Keep building bank and return sets. -Get an Elysian & Arcane Spirit Shield. (Maybe Spectral with this new staff being out?) -Work on tanking piles -Complete wilderness/western province diaries.
  9. arrowdynamix

    hope to see ya back soon! thanks for intro-ing me to the clan.
  10. arrowdynamix

    keep it up!
  11. ISP been down since I’ve been home today at 6am.. feelsbadman. I just want to PK

    1. Stl Arrow

      Stl Arrow

      The struggle....

  12. arrowdynamix

    GL HF
  13. arrowdynamix

    I Drive a silver 2018 Civic Si coupe. if you're into mods it has: Cold air intake, upgraded aftermarket intercooler, Flex fuel kit and tuned for flex fuel (E40 blend with 91 pump gas) upgraded clutch, Enkei wheels, BCracing coilovers. making around 270HP / 300LB+ Torque and weighs maybe 2900 lbs.
  14. arrowdynamix

  15. arrowdynamix

    Engineer Technician for Tesla Motor's. i fix the robots that paint the bumpers and small parts/monitor quality/program etc etc.