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  6. Inners & Casual Tuesday at Resurgence We started the night off with some light Inners action getting the boys warmed up for the night. After a bit we went up to the altar and ran into EZ where they sat in singles the whole time (not unusual). Resurgence moved to Rev caves where we found BZ/PE/Moonclan...who knows at this point what they're called, but yeah they got cleared in a matter of seconds. The boys ended the night shortly due to a lack of action.
  7. Another uncontested & easy night for Resurgence Resurgence started the night strong with a light 30 man pull and hit caves for juicy loot, Clearing no name clans such as Anonymous Community (AC), Damage Control (DC), Skulled Revs (SR). SR attempted to return fight us but shortly after started returning in 1 items and rag gear. After clearing caves and not finding action the boys went up to GDZ, New Gate & Callisto to farm some noobs. Oh.. and we also tried to fight EZ but they think everything is a mind game l0l ZOO'S BALLISTA DONT MISS THIS ONE
  8. Resurgence's Night in Deep Wild ft. Team America & 420 The boys started day 29 of quarantine at Callisto, after holding down a world and clearing various other worlds for several hours they decided to lay off the random noobs in the wilderness. Resurgence started their official night with a prepped fight against TA just north of corp entrance, after a short amount of time SV crashed the fight. After a brief relocate and hop to a different location the result were still the same. It became apparent that TA had a leak and it wasn't worth trying to get a rematch. Resurgence went on about their night clearing rev caves with no competition for roughly 30-45 minutes. We didn't see too many teams out tonight but we managed to find and dismantle a small man trip of BZ. After a bit we decided to get a matched opt fight w/ 420. After a very long time.....😕 the fight finally started despite a small team trying to crash. Resurgence's strength out shined 420's immediately as the mains started to disappear despite their last minute rule for single spells & no chins. After agreeing to a rematch w/ matched ops & with the settings being a knockout round, Resurgence once again proved victorious ending with more than half opts remaining.
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  10. lets goooooooooooooo
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