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  1. Call Me Ho | Weener

  2. Call Me Ho | Weener

    Hellll yeah good shit boys
  3. Call Me Ho | Weener

    SoG Lmfaooooooooooooooooooo khaaaaaaaatfuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  4. Call Me Ho | Weener

    Lets go love to see it and see EZ pull up since no1 giving them anything 😓
  5. Call Me Ho | Weener

    Ty for showing up to cheer us on EZ ❤️ Must feel bad getting no action from any clan in the scene 😘
  6. Call Me Ho | Weener

    Hellllll yeahh. GP was def made tonight
  7. Call Me Ho | Weener

    Hellll yeah Gg boys
  8. Call Me Ho | Weener

    Ahuevo pendejos
  9. Call Me Ho | Weener

    Bank value went up maddddd 👀
  10. Call Me Ho | Weener

    Bro idk who tf Pony Pony is and his friends but respect to all of them Lmao Mfers stayed returning and pulled up in bankkk loot
  11. Call Me Ho | Weener

    Friday Night Shenanigans On a beautiful Friday night we had 12 Surgeons who weren't getting any pompom ready to pk. We wanted to spice things up for once so we gave the Enclave a shot but fucka me that shit was cringe af so the boys marched their way over to Spider where we ran into numerous small teams that were basically looking for the same thing as us, some Friday night action. We fought this small manmain team for about 20 minutes till they decided to call it as the Surgeons were able to overpower them. After exhausting the loot at Spider, we took a quick break and hungout in PvP GE for a bit until Piety gathered his drop party Loot ready. Piety flew in with a light 50M drop party and then continued our sweep at Rev Cave entrance before we decided to call it. https://gyazo.com/a2c99dbfdf242aa0a3593f06d80870cd
  12. Call Me Ho | Weener

    Idk who tf SF is but I respectttttt those pures.
  13. Call Me Ho | Weener

    Fawkhin ez money
  14. Call Me Ho | Weener

    Quick Sweep before some zzzz Going to keep it short and simple. We had a good Sunday trip and wanted to say Good Night to the wilderness before we hit the hay. We hopped around Spider for about an hour, and made a quick 2-3m each Nurse and I got luckier 😉) with a small 7 man unit. We ended up calling our trip after running into Team America with 18 horny shooters at Spider, just to see PD pull up on them with matched ops and fight it out at Spider. Fucka me weird stuff was going on at Spider last night.
  15. Call Me Ho | Weener

    Brothers always making bank ❤️
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