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  1. Raceoplasma

    crashing is lame
  2. Raceoplasma

    Solid ez money today at trip. Good job all who attended
  3. Wilderness Kryptonite Complete domination throughout our travels in the deep wild tonight. Fighting multiple clans, rushers and retards we came out victorious and blood thirsty. We were the Altar authority the commanders of Caves the random rulers. Meds fighting pures is like eating cake. We search for stronger fights and more loot. GG all tonight GF DC TY AGS. 0 GF EVERYONE ❤️
  4. Raceoplasma

    logitech g403 is fantastic. Know lots of people that use it. About 70$ they also make a wireless version. I've had it years now not a single complaint
  5. Raceoplasma

    gz on 99! fun protecting you matty!
  6. Raceoplasma

    1-0 EZ watch the fk out We know you and we beat you. GG overal but I will always have a bit of salt saved just for you
  7. Raceoplasma

    Dat mage clump doe lolol dont even need to do mm2 when we have those kind of monkeys at atlar. Excellent war also.
  8. Raceoplasma

    fun fight tonight.
  9. Raceoplasma

    22/1 ez night. GF's all around
  10. Raceoplasma

    ez pz lemon squeezy some good fights tonight
  11. Raceoplasma

    Defeated a main clan for mill's. Multi millions made at altar. what more could you ask for? good fight vs NL but we won on returns. GG GF
  12. Raceoplasma

    so. much. ez. loot
  13. Raceoplasma

  14. Raceoplasma

  15. Raceoplasma

    Respect to veng for a good fight and comradery to other clans.
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