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  1. Strong Tank

    Used Ajax song lmao.
  2. Strong Tank

    Clean fight. GF
  3. Strong Tank

    Looking good.
  4. Strong Tank

    That's what's up. Being in a clan deffinately makes you want to strive. If it wasn't for being in RES, my account would look like shit honestly. Also Wildy hard is extremely nice if you don't have it yet. Also fremmy elite is nice too for the boots.. more prevalent for meds though. I got it on my tank anyway for the hybrid style boots. Looking good!
  5. Strong Tank

    3 out of 5 popcorn bags from me dawg.
  6. Strong Tank

    I see you're compensating for something.
  7. Strong Tank

    This about sums up the trip right here.. RES was taking the W for sure!
  8. Strong Tank

  9. Strong Tank

    I am taking a much needed break due to the shit fucking combat system where kids can freeze in black d hide or just choose not to bring a staff and freeze through mage prayer every fucking hit while wielding a rcb, When I have on essentially max basics gear. I have pked tons, and going back into the hybrid/tribrid scene is as shitty as it has ever fucking been. If I risk more than 3m... Hell even if I don't risk. I get a damn team called on me. Forcing me in rag, which I do not find fun at all. What happened to the days of being able to risk and enjoy your self in a 1v1. Long gone our those days, and unfortunately so is this player as of now. I wish you all the best of luck. I will be on for trips when I can be but and that's about it at this point from how i'm feeling.
  10. Strong Tank

    This is awesome. The community we have is amazing. Gz on 99 pray!
  11. Strong Tank

    Sucks to see you go.
  12. Strong Tank

    Meh.. GL.
  13. Strong Tank

    We did good tonight. Great job everyone.
  14. Strong Tank

    Good shit. Ez mode as always.
  15. Strong Tank

    Mad action tonight. TFF Veng.
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