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  1. Strong Tank

    This looked like an awesome trip!
  2. Strong Tank

    Ez clap. Just like Tyler at the sand casino.
  3. Strong Tank

    Had A great time. Let's get some more clean action this upcoming year.
  4. Strong Tank

    Had fun even though it was a small trip.
  5. Strong Tank

    Gay on Gays*
  6. Strong Tank

    Lookin decent for a quiet night.
  7. Most fun I have had in awhile when it comes to pking. Great action. Easy loot. Glad I was able to make this one. RES GANG NiGGA
  8. Strong Tank

    Nice trip. Loot for days.
  9. Strong Tank

    Nice lootations.
  10. Strong Tank

    Good job men. What a feast.
  11. Strong Tank

    Great trip. NL is shit.
  12. Strong Tank

    Great job. Looked like a fun trip. Juicy lootations.
  13. Strong Tank

    took me 125 to get the head...
  14. Strong Tank


    Beautiful account. Gratz on 99 fish.
  15. Strong Tank

    @DaltonThat's actually one of the things you can use to recover an account... The days played and how long ago created etc.