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  1. RanqeTank

    Good loots! There's a pure going to bed tonight still mad about his staff.
  2. RanqeTank

    You wouldn't think it but I noticed a huge difference between 90 and 99 def. I stayed 90 for a good while and debated like you, glad I went full max.
  3. RanqeTank

    Vid got me hyped to PK and im sitting at work lmao
  4. RanqeTank

    Someone should make a guide on how to click protect item
  5. RanqeTank

    More kills than players left in the wild, ez.
  6. RanqeTank

    Gz on farming but that aside, 2k total on a 60 attack med is sick dude.
  7. RanqeTank

    I do NMZ on accounts while at work, absorb method OP. Think my baby zerk had most 90+ cb stats with all void sets and B gloves in around a months time. Hit the grind hard brother, you got this.
  8. RanqeTank

    EZ clap
  9. RanqeTank

    I'd still vote Range Tanks. Meds get one chance on their spec, other than that they're just a worse version of you in a range/mage fight.
  10. RanqeTank

    Ill do one better, donate to me and I'll give exactly 0 back.
  11. RanqeTank

    If that's from a single day you should buy a lotto ticket lmao.
  12. RanqeTank

    Can't fix things when I still got my BiS gear Black D'hide top. Whats mage?
  13. RanqeTank

    Truthfully I was thinking about this, wouldn't be amazing for pking but it would be a neat novelty account.
  14. RanqeTank

    Late coming in but that video was sick af
  15. This is a side project I had made a bit back and not really put a lot of effort into. It was a pure that I full quested into a zerker (61 attk) I mainly play on my tank So I've been trying to figure out what the account should actually be. Account is 86 combat at the moment.
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