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  1. Koby

    Only time we ever "lost" was when it was when there was a 1:5 ratio. Just 2 ez.
  2. Koby

    Couple quests today and some boring skilling for heros/legends quest pre-reqs.1-53 fishing and 1-45 wc. Hopefully going to do digsite tomorrow and work on 60 mining for lunar diplo.
  3. Koby

    Yes but still will lose it when die with it above 20 as normal.
  4. Koby

  5. This will be the log of all my progress during my journey to making my first pking account on Old School. Updated daily. Fresh of Tutorial island Started the account by doing some newbie quests Then did some afk skilling while I wrote my Chambers guide Planning on banging out a ton of quests tomorrow and getting mm1 done
  6. Whats best and why? I've heard for clanning 75 attack is the way to go but wanted to get peoples thoughts.
  7. Koby

    Nice. This is some quality stuff. Looking forward to seeing you when you top the charts.
  8. Koby

  9. Koby

  10. Koby

    Grave digging this old thread to say fuck ps4.
  11. Koby

  12. Thank you to the brave souls who sacrificed your life to 50 d bow specs.
  13. Great first trip. EZ clap