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  1. I Brewed Up

    Well guys I've been thinking for a while what account build is the best in 1v1 scenarios, Multi Clan pking, and hybirding. Personally, I'm a near maxed range talk so my ego is going to tell me I'll smack any build except one like my own..... so that's my cup of tea also mains aren't included. Let's hear it boys. Let's vote: Med Levels Range Tanks Zerkers I'll throw pures in here.
  2. Hey Guys, Well I know I need to get the 99 defense on my range tank to make it official only problem is I just get a ton more fights at my combat level "103". On the other hand, if I take the leap an also get 99 prayer as well there would not be a change in combat along with the prayer but will rise to a 105 with the range. I'm Stressing this due to the fact most single pkers which i enjoy playing are 97-105 and won't fight higher combat levels especially with 99 defense. So what are your suggestions?
  3. I Brewed Up

    Like the old saying you "Bent them over a barrel and show the 50 states." LOL
  4. I Brewed Up


    Nice bud, been trying to get one for a while! 👍
  5. I Brewed Up


    I heard 10 minutes of sun light gives a boost of xp/hr..... JK Great job that's a beast of a cape!
  6. I Brewed Up

    Well If this is still a relevant post, zerkers are a 100% of a better experience pking. On the other hand, meds are just a stronger account build being more versatile. Also, Zerks are just afraid to fight maxed out mains......... just my cup of tea #TankyGang
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