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  1. iTz Zoo

    GZ now go for 2.2k
  2. iTz Zoo

    Couldnt imagine having to call backup when your losing
  3. iTz Zoo

    hell yes another day for the Surgeons
  4. iTz Zoo

    shit was easy ngl
  5. iTz Zoo

    just another good Sunday for Resurgence
  6. iTz Zoo

    fuckin great write up
  7. iTz Zoo

    clean asf, gotta love it
  8. iTz Zoo

    lmfao EZ victims
  9. iTz Zoo

    was fucking easy lmfao
  10. iTz Zoo

    typical booty eating Wednesday
  11. iTz Zoo

    Just another day being a Surgeon
  12. Resurgence's Sunday Sweep With the football game going on tonight, we decided to keep it casual. With that being said within minutes of being out we ran into TK and had multiple clean scraps with them. Even being outnumbered at one point we quickly regrouped west and rushed east to quickly kill multiple which ended up clearing them. Overall good fight TK, hope to have more clean scraps in the future! Afterward we continued our sweep across multiple locations and clearing any kind of competition we ran across. Overall we had a great night and still didn't miss the football game! GIF'S Spam's LOOT
  13. Resurgence Wilderness Shenanigans Over the course of the last few days, we have been doing quite a bit of small man pking. With this said, on these small man pk trips there's not a safe soul in the wilderness. From singles to multi to being a pker or a pvmer we will take your loot. This diversity really shows just how we have improved as a whole and grow continually everyday. Ranging from Chaos Altar to GDZ to Vennenatis its a nonstop hunt for more action and even more loot, check it all out below!
  14. iTz Zoo

    they just need to get rid of the fucking place and be done with it, only brings problems and nothing else. legit almost no positive other than its a money sync tax wise..
  15. iTz Zoo

    lmfao people are just out whaling around
  16. iTz Zoo

    yea shits broken and might as well abuse it while its still available
  17. iTz Zoo

    about time you do something
  18. iTz Zoo

    l0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000l do you even fucking play lmfaooo what a shit account
  19. iTz Zoo

    fucking loot for days
  21. Wednesday's Grudge Match With the fellow Surgeon's foaming at the mouth for action, we setup a cheeky CWA with Veng. With the constant battle between each other for the win, it was a hard match up. As the end of round 3 come up, we were tied 1-1 and came within 2 kills of winning. With such a teeth grinding ending to the CWA the Surgeon's were still begging for more action, so we took to the Wilderness! We shortly massed up and geared for the great clean fight with Veng. After 30 minutes we decided to call it for the night, Good Fight Veng!
  22. iTz Zoo

    They need to reset the damn servers every so often to get new people on it tbh
  23. iTz Zoo

    Null always doing Lords work with these HD vids of Res smoking nerds! GJ
  24. We are all born to die – the difference is the intensity with which we choose to live.

    — Gina Lollobrigida
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