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  1. Crucified

    yeesssss bois
  2. Crucified

    biiiiig smoke!!
  3. Crucified

  4. Crucified

    surgeons win again!!
  5. Crucified

    gf fellas, clean 23??? wtf
  6. Crucified

    Hello it's da Moose coming in hot with another AM! Tonight the surgeons swept as per usual. What was unusual was the amount of activity in the Wilderness tonight. We dominated TK, and Ambush multiple times. Taking an AGS from TK, and a sotd in the process. Moving back and forth from Venenatis to Vetion, we clashed with whatever we could find. Controlling the wildy totally. After the action ran dry, we had a short sweep around vetion/Chaos altar and ended up calling it after a clean organized night, peaking at 23.
  7. Crucified

    good shit men! quality trip.
  8. Crucified

    Hello it's da Moose. Tonight the surgeons roamed essentially all over, covering all hot-spots. Transitioning from Ven/Slayer cave Entrance/Vetion/Corp, we found numerous 15+ man squads willing to scrap. We were happy to offer them a challenge, and managed to farm them without remorse. After running out of shit to fight we opted to scrap PD for a little @ vetion, good fight, clean action honestly. We called the trip at vetion after the action got too chaotic. Ty for the fight.
  9. Crucified

    oh waw
  10. Crucified

    res is strong as fuck
  11. Crucified

    men said wonkafied
  12. Crucified

    wonkin around yaknow ha
  13. Crucified

    Hello runescapers, da moose here with your daily news. Tonight the sturgeons took a stroll through our typical areas. Finding ourselves a fair amount of loot, we clashed with whatever we could, in the end resulting in a wonkadylanian wonksword, and 2 pairs of dragonic wonkers being confiscated. After battling it out with a few different teams we stayed until the action died off, transitioning from ven, to chaos altar, and to vetion, we ended at 50s. Walking away with 150m+ it twas another wonky night for the wonkers.
  14. Crucified

    nice killz soldierz my nan is so thoughtful
  15. Crucified

    well done on the topic liam smoked ac like a fat ass ham holy shit good job fellas stupid impressive
  16. Crucified

    smokeshow topic and night nurse baby :)
  17. Crucified

    i needed this, ty sir
  18. Crucified

    happy 2 years my men 🙂
  19. Crucified

    huge gz
  20. Crucified

    noice not a bad idea at all, interesting clue item
  21. Crucified

    nice topic brother :) keep up da grind
  22. we win u lose haha fucking noobs doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooobyyy doooby dooo doooo
  23. Crucified

    ssolid ass trip resbaby
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