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  1. Affiliation

  2. Affiliation

    yyeeeeee lggo i'm down
  3. Affiliation

    Hello, It me again da moose, here with your Thursday action update. We spent our day transitioning between deep wildy, and rev caves. Throughought the day we had plenty of action, running into DC/LY/PE/SV/Override. Taking W's from all of the above, smiting multiple +1s and sotd off of randoms, Thursday was a good day to be Resurgence. LOL???
  4. Affiliation

    goood shit bruv
  5. Affiliation

    ty bb liam 🙂
  6. Affiliation

    Hello it's your friendly neighborhood moose here. Tonight the surgeons spent our time in the wilderness alternating between rev caves, altar, and gdz. Not having luck finding much out tonight we fought whatever we could. After establishing our dominance at altar, gdz/deep wildy, and clearing various random clans and smaller teams we decided to try out the cavesand ended up running into SF. Ensuing in a short battle, we ultimately claimed a victory and disappeared back into the caves to continue our killing spree.
  7. Affiliation

    we so strong
  8. Affiliation

    Keep your head up pal. Rng is a bitch..I agree the hybrid/tribrid scene is in a bad spot, the wilderness in general needs some love. Hope to see you getting back at it soon, a break nver hurts.
  9. Affiliation

    big night 🙂 well done to all who attended
  10. Affiliation

    gz matty. was fun!
  11. Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens.

    1. Strong Tank

      Strong Tank

      I don't think the road ever darkened for us lol.

    2. Affiliation


      U not lyin dawg, heads alwayz up

  12. Affiliation

    big smoke my bois well done
  13. Affiliation

    gonna miss the twirly dick 3000 see u around ajax bro, stay up 🙂
  14. Affiliation

    aaaaigh ima fuh wit chu
  15. Affiliation

    i got chu!! my bad so many pix