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  1. Affiliation

    gooood shiet my bois, solid topic skim bro 🙂
  2. Affiliation

    good shiet bois, ff
  3. Affiliation

    good shit my bois 🙂
  4. Affiliation

    let da blud rain blud
  5. Affiliation

    buttholes and corn cobs
  6. Affiliation

    tyler gotta bubble butt
  7. Affiliation

    Slaughterday Sweep After watching MintMadCows most recent video, the Surgeons decided to sweep Rev Caves but with a twist. Full Karils with an Amulet of Damned. We rounded up 12 Strong Surgeons in Karils and a few tbers and made absolute bank. We fought multiple small teams that got wiped in under a minute. Absolutely unreal combo, overall a good night with the Surgeons and we left the caves happy with the profit.
  8. Affiliation

    nice topic occy pal 🙂 fun night!
  9. Affiliation

  10. Affiliation

    good shit bois
  11. Affiliation

    big big money clan $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  12. Affiliation

    yep lets make this money tesba
  13. Affiliation

    lmao went to fucking war
  14. Affiliation

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