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  1. Affiliation

    Hello Moose here @ Resurgence HQ. Today the Sturgeons made a flawless sweep through various locations. Transitioniong from low wildy to deep, we found scraps and free loot everywhere. After a couple hours of making coin we decided to call it. Today was a good day to be a sturgeon.
  2. Affiliation

    9+10 stoopih
  3. Affiliation

    21 for good measure
  4. Affiliation

    lmfao once again 20 i can't be stopped permission to spam look @ that shit kuh
  5. Affiliation

    under great stress
  6. Affiliation

    zoo's belt buckle is a registered weapon
  7. Affiliation

    gonna make grilled cheese tonight so hungry atm
  8. Affiliation

    no red for zoo lmfao zmoked oooo
  9. Affiliation

    20 or what lmfao
  10. Affiliation

    bitch that's 20
  11. Affiliation

    Zoo's car smells like cheetos
  12. Affiliation

    or as well as mckenzie eats mine
  13. Affiliation

    not as well as i eat tylers tho
  14. Affiliation

    if there's one thing i know tho it's that cheaky eats chris' ass
  15. Affiliation

    20 replies is never a problem with the moose around
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