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  1. I mean, ROT has been around for decades, you should probably stop expecting them to play fair. Its RoT, a clan known for hacking, botting, DDoSing, one iteming, Doxing, etc. They were scrubs when I was in Kill Orgy, 10+ years ago, Nothing changed.
  2. thats what I call a juicy topic. GGs
  3. Studyworkcry

    well done shooters.
  4. Studyworkcry

    not much out unfortunately and we had small numbers, lets own more soon 😄
  5. Studyworkcry

    I totally didnt fall asleep after spamming in discord to pk. Looked fun. ggs.
  6. Studyworkcry

  7. Studyworkcry

    Damn, I started before the 2004 christmas event 😄 Slayer was not even a thing back then 😄 I cant find my yoyo account anymore, I think it was removed from the game. Oldschool gang.
  8. Studyworkcry

  9. Studyworkcry

    seemed fun, great fights!
  10. Studyworkcry

  11. Studyworkcry

    this will be a hell of a journey, good luck!
  12. Studyworkcry

    juicy night for the best scout in town again
  13. Studyworkcry

  14. Studyworkcry

    none. they all suck. dungeoneering was the only one that didnt suck.