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  1. Studyworkcry

    I mean veng recruits at edgeville in w18, what do you expect.
  2. Studyworkcry

    damnit I missed the fun.
  3. Studyworkcry

    Bassive tank in the second round. #neverforget
  4. Studyworkcry

    I dont understand. Where was PD?
  5. Studyworkcry

    nice idk why i missed that, kinda bummed about it
  6. Studyworkcry

    looked ez
  7. Studyworkcry

    Maxed gear mains in singles were fking annoying the fk out
  8. Studyworkcry

    God did I die a lot. GG returned for days :D
  9. Studyworkcry

    veng and running name a more iconic duo.
  10. Studyworkcry

  11. Studyworkcry

    wonderful topic. should be stickied.
  12. Studyworkcry

    Thanks to my boy zoo
  13. Studyworkcry

    Thats because they had a clean fight with us and we cleared them in a minute and a half, then they had another clean with us with numbers and they planked so their solutions is to call mains and fake endings.