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  1. Adam

  2. Adam

    First time I have ever had this in the 15 years+ I been playing.
  3. Adam

    Great fights
  4. Adam

    Was fun:)
  5. Adam

    Very nice 🙂
  6. Adam

    Overheads and quested 60 attack!
  7. There has been a lot of recent account hijacking in my industry where I work, specifically in the stealing of money / crypto. This money that is stolen is then used to finance terrorism and other horrific acts that go on around the world each day. This is done by an individual with little to no information about their target (name, address, and simply an email), then calling their phone companies asking for a SIM card switch. Once the criminal switches the SIM card, they can gain access to all your authentication codes for websites, bank information, and even your Runescape account for recovery. Unfortunately, telecommunication companies don't have the smartest account reps (most have 1 week of training in India), so your livelihood is basically in their hands. Strongly suggest calling your phone providers, and telling them that you don't want any SIM card swapping on your phone plan, unless you go into one of their stores with valid ID. Hopefully this helps everyone
  8. It's getting there... Progress from last week:
  9. Adam

    I work on wallstreet for a middle eastern financial institution; specifically in their Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism unit for high networth clients.
  10. Got full void on Monday, and almost all the requirements for quest cape. Once quest cape is accomplished, 99 Range, 75 Def, 94 Mage should be a breeze with bursting, black chinning, etc.
  11. Adam

    Looked fun, great job guys!
  12. Halo for PC comes out today 🙂

  13. Adam

    Very nice 🙂
  14. Adam

    Very nice 🙂