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  1. Adam

    Looked fun, great job guys!
  2. Halo for PC comes out today 🙂

  3. Adam

    Very nice 🙂
  4. Adam

    Great job guys!
  5. Adam

    Looks fun 🙂
  6. Adam

    Great job guys
  7. Adam

    Great job guys 🙂
  8. Adam

    The below video is something I made back in the of July, and it was suppose to be a series for my Zerker / Iron Tank Ranger. I kinda stopped the series right after, because I wasn't sure it was interesting enough, plus my channel just isn't as active as it was Pre-Eoc. Do you guys this is interesting enough to do, or should I just scrap it? Also FYI.... "A legend born from Valhalla" has nothing to do with the clan Valhalla.
  9. Adam

    Great job guys 🙂
  10. Adam

    Very nice!
  11. Was a lot of fun 🙂
  12. Adam

    Gratz, coming in strong 🙂