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  1. I reduced Veng to being a Pictionary clan in a month without even trying. PS, I've been getting 1:1 ehp entire time I've been decimating you this is an alt method for me lol
  2. Funk

    a competent med with tribrid can do more to swing a fight in the actual wildy IMO though.
  3. the taunt to get bodied true combo nicely done orifag

  4. it's honestly a little demeaning to call them a rival. they aren't competition. it's honestly so easy...
  5. Funk

    Cowards afraid to fight. May as well try Veng, yr still dying for fat loot to us anyways lmfao. Hunting veng is an incredible money maker... very altable!
  6. @H4idenbest trip leader ty 4 loot
  7. zog me cog

  8. Funk

    world star
  9. Funk

  10. Funk

  11. Funk

    respect 2 unk for giving us a scrap, since our "rivals" are clearly not up to the task.
  12. Niggas gonna have to do pvp world single pk masses or something bruh....