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  1. Funk


  2. Funk

    med best build. versatile & does everything. a good zerk best after that, does most dps and can swing a fight with good tanking. tanks are just shitty meds that can't tribrid for low iq gamers.
  3. Funk

    friendship ended with gmaul blitz on dinhs new best friend
  4. Funk

    gz res looked easy
  5. Funk

    good music good maging good time
  6. Funk

    I hope Veng & co never learn that they aren't safe if they stray just a few steps too close to multi. I've been baiting single pkers for max before most of your members had ever pked dude...
  7. Funk


  8. Funk

    Funny how Veng knew we were out in multi and didn't come anywhere close to multi for hours to contest us as we controlled without opposition. Cowards lol. Made a lot of money today, easy for dead bird clan
  9. I reduced Veng to being a Pictionary clan in a month without even trying. PS, I've been getting 1:1 ehp entire time I've been decimating you this is an alt method for me lol
  10. Funk

    a competent med with tribrid can do more to swing a fight in the actual wildy IMO though.
  11. the taunt to get bodied true combo nicely done orifag

  12. it's honestly a little demeaning to call them a rival. they aren't competition. it's honestly so easy...
  13. Funk

    Cowards afraid to fight. May as well try Veng, yr still dying for fat loot to us anyways lmfao. Hunting veng is an incredible money maker... very altable!
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