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  1. R A R A

    Hell yeah, glad to see it
  2. R A R A

    Making bank, very nice! Interesting rsns though lol
  3. R A R A

    Good shit fellas
  4. R A R A

    So a few weeks ago, I had or (Tried) to make the decision to quit the game. I dropped all my items even untradeables, in hopes of not wanting to get the urge to come back. I didn't really tell anyone anything, I just doubled changed my name and deleted everyone off my friends list/ discord/ teamspeak. I thought it would be easier since no one could try to talk me out of it etc. I should of given ya a heads up, since I was a trial member in here, probably already nearing the end of the process too. I'm sure many of ya have tried quitting at one point or another so I hope ya can understand. Hopefully i can reapp for trial again sometime in the near future as I've decided to start playing again. I love Pking too much to quit this shit game for good lmao. Sorry for ghosting everyone - R A R A
  5. R A R A

    Throw on some Netflix and NMZ that shit
  6. R A R A

    Was fun
  7. R A R A

    Always wanted to learn, seems fun but frustrating at first I’m assuming
  8. R A R A

    Was ez, fun night fellas
  9. R A R A

    Def get 75
  10. R A R A

    Thanks for the invite, had hella fun. #RipHannah
  11. R A R A

    love the reaction
  12. R A R A

    In the trial apps thing, it says horse crest though.. .__. ripp
  13. R A R A

    Dope, some nice drops ya got there
  14. R A R A

    Updated tab, Thank you for the help Safari & ZOG
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