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  1. res looking strong
  2. Shaun

    res looking strong should fight us
  3. Pope @Shaun I, set a glorious example to the commoners and ranks of the commune. Let the fire burn bright in the hearts of each member for thy is the kingdom and grace of the lord saviour Christ, who watches over us daily. May we eat this bread and wine and embrace the power of the gods. Leading by glorious example none other than the most holiest of men has shown us that even on a rainy day there is sunshine. My Assistant @ObeyedAttempted to keep up but as even one of my most skilled warriors it shows you the levels of the game that exist. Attendance: @iTz [email protected] [email protected]@[email protected]@P I E T [email protected]@Point [email protected] J A [email protected] Here are the following lootations from the Altar Trip Full Void with Infernal Cape Skulled caught in multi by none other than @Shaun
  4. Shaun

    Was a fun night ngl
  5. Shaun

  6. Shaun

    No flame
  7. Shaun

    Was easy for the surgers
  8. Trip Attendance: @Proteins @charm @Steeze @Miltz @Hazard @lordzeakone @Obeyed @Bassive @verts @Austin @Counters @Out On Bond @Acuno Best Spearer: @[email protected]@Hazard Best Loot: @Obeyed Best Freezers: @Shaun @Hazard Trips Duration: 5 hours+ Most memorable moment: @Miltz @Stl Arrow flying in to clear those singles pkers MVP: @Obeyed
  9. Shaun

    Big respect to the lads from predator, look forward to planned action with them on the calendar soon keep those eyes peeled surgeons
  10. 6 am brain fried, just said to proteins a minute ago before I read your comment that I needed to add your name, been added brother, nice calling when we were fighting those shitters at gdz, glad you came for a little bit, wish you stayed for longer.
  11. Trips attendance in no particular order @Proteins @Bassive @Lawrence @Hazard @Out On Bond @charm @Rylan @Testified @Wiggly whale @Obeyed @Steeze @iTz [email protected] [email protected]! Trips duration - 12 hours + Best Spearers - @Bassive @Proteins @iTz [email protected] @Green Arrow Best Freezers - @Shaun @Proteins @Out On Bond @lawrence Best Loot Awards - @Bassive (Pking the hasta) Most Memorable Moment - @Shaun Luring Skill Specs on stream - clipped MVP - @Bassive
  12. We we’re cc calling HAHAHAHA
  13. After the Ballista trip hosted by @Will I was itching to provide the lads with an opportunity to fill their purses with coin. I Had my faithful servants @Obeyed @Lawrence @Proteins later joined by @Green Arrow @Bassive @Hazard @Out On Bond @We1 @Steeze @charm @Austin @barry allen! We were swiftly disposing of bodies left right and centre, we were running out of space to bury the rotting corpses. Kill after Kill we were smoking kids one after another. Vengeance singles team tried to hit us but stayed in singles like little bitches. Their weaker counterpart Paragon had bigger balls and rushed us with double OPS but the PKL @Shaun caught them in a 4+man barrage at the door and quickly called his surgeons to multi- spells the door quickly disposing of their failed assassination attempt! We tried looking for them again but they ended and banned us all of discord. ASKING WHO THE FUCK I AM SENT THE KID THE ELDER MAUL BLOCKED ME AND BANNED ME?!?!??!!? PARAGON CLEARED AND BROKEN.
  14. Shaun

    season 2 is out or what? legit this is old news? watch the movie I told u ffs
  15. Ty for including mine @Miltz
  16. Shaun

  17. Shaun

    Puff puff pass
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