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  1. res looking strong
  2. Shaun

    res looking strong should fight us
  3. Pope @Shaun I, set a glorious example to the commoners and ranks of the commune. Let the fire burn bright in the hearts of each member for thy is the kingdom and grace of the lord saviour Christ, who watches over us daily. May we eat this bread and wine and embrace the power of the gods. Leading by glorious example none other than the most holiest of men has shown us that even on a rainy day there is sunshine. My Assistant @ObeyedAttempted to keep up but as even one of my most skilled warriors it shows you the levels of the game that exist. Attendance: @iTz [email protected] [email protected]@[email protected]@P I E T [email protected]@Point [email protected] J A [email protected] Here are the following lootations from the Altar Trip Full Void with Infernal Cape Skulled caught in multi by none other than @Shaun
  4. Shaun

    Was a fun night ngl
  5. Shaun

  6. Shaun

    No flame
  7. Shaun

    Was easy for the surgers
  8. Trip Attendance: @Proteins @charm @Steeze @Miltz @Hazard @lordzeakone @Obeyed @Bassive @verts @Austin @Counters @Out On Bond @Acuno Best Spearer: @[email protected]@Hazard Best Loot: @Obeyed Best Freezers: @Shaun @Hazard Trips Duration: 5 hours+ Most memorable moment: @Miltz @Stl Arrow flying in to clear those singles pkers MVP: @Obeyed
  9. Shaun

    Big respect to the lads from predator, look forward to planned action with them on the calendar soon keep those eyes peeled surgeons
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