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  1. Miltz

    idk what ur doing but ur screenshots are tiny
  2. Miltz


    weird lol
  3. Miltz

    Looking forward to watching this... It's on the to watch list
  4. Miltz

    Wow the loot went on and on
  5. Miltz

    Was fun but easy. GJ PE, keep training up with us and you will be kings soon.
  6. Miltz

    @Nullusionquickly becoming the MVP. Respect my G, great vid.
  7. Miltz

    Lmao looked easy for you man
  8. Miltz

    Very, very fun fight. Thanks Veng, looking forward to more of these for sure.
  9. Miltz

    Sick vid @Nullusionty
  10. After massing up 24 Resmen we headed up to GDZ to square off with our pals Vengeance. From our POV we took control early on and held onto it throughout. See for yourselves. Ty for fight Veng.
  11. Miltz

    Lmfao this looked like a feast... We just keep going
  12. Miltz

    EYYY fuck yes boiz looked ezzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  13. Miltz

    Looked like a fucking feast lmfaooo
  14. Miltz

    Was EZZZZZZZZZZZ you know
  15. Miltz

    Really sick to see this, keep going homie.
  16. Thought I'd share 3 of my favourite fights since being part of Resurgence. These 3 videos were fucking highlights for me. Post yours below! 1. 24th Feburary 2019 | Beating Vengeance (everyone knows why I enjoy fighting Veng), when it was really them and us who knew wtf they were doing in this scene. Zewy and Spoony boy run a tight ship and Veng has been running for years, so to come in as a relatively new clan it was sick AF to put the smoke on them so cleanly. 2. 24th Feb 2019 | THE SAME DAY... Smacking PD in CWA. These boys knew what they were doing in the arena so to get a win over them so early in Res' life was sick. Also, my favourite particular screenshot from this fight.. 3. 17th February 2019| Beating Liths in CWA. What are you favourite Res moments?
  17. Miltz

    Looked good, sad you guys closed I guess... Rev till ded.
  18. Miltz

    Looked ez for u mate
  19. Miltz

    Was EZ
  20. Miltz

    Today at about 8pm GMT we decided to mass up a few bounty hunters and head out into ground zero COVID-19 territory. After sweeping caves for a little bit we decided to head to altar to take out some bitches. We had a couple of tasty scraps with Vit and forced them to call the whole fucking squad before we decided to take our loot straight to the bank. I'd also like to announce I'm back, fuckers, so expect shit loads more of these...
  21. Looked EZ good work boys
  22. Miltz

    Biggggggg Gz
  23. Miltz

    Ey fucking ez good job
  24. Miltz

    Come to Daddy big boi
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