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    God I love pures
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    For max
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    I need one. Can I buy?
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  7. After watching some beautiful champions league performances ( AJAX ) ^_^, Res was hungry for some action and some p2p dominance so we massed up our most lethal shooters and hit the wild. We first started out at rev caves where we ran into a few random teams and swept around the worlds until we eventually got bored and looked for some juicier loot. We then decided to gear up and hit the altar where we ran into some random single pkers, as well as a few WG members as well and just swept through the worlds unscathed. We then decided to head back to altar seeking some clan or team to scrap with and ended up sweeping through random teams until we eventually ran into Supremacy and MOI and ran through them as well. Being outnumbered by MOI we performed a strategic way focusing on keeping our players alive helping our guys being able to tank and be able to put damage on enemy forces. After being out around 3 hours we decided to call it a night. Was a good night very successful trip. 7 kills 1 death.
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    looked fun, nice topic
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    nice lil sweep