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  1. A J A X

  2. A J A X

    Has been a great time here meeting some good people and learning about the game since I left it in 2011. Thank you for all you guys have taught me and the opportunity to enjoy clanning, being an elite, and still being apart regardless of anything that happened. Y'all will always be in my heart for my first osrs clan. thank you
  3. A J A X

    looked fun
  4. A J A X

    yall raw or whatever
  5. A J A X

    Still looking for NL fucking retards ! By the way by the way!
  6. A J A X

    first post count of the year, and you bitch ass weak ass trick ass punk ass trash ass nl niggas. KNOW im here , and when I am here you aint never safe. Pussy ass niggas
  7. A J A X

  8. A J A X

    where do you find these shitters?!!!!