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  1. Kcatta

    Is this still a thing?
  2. Kcatta

    So after some more math a zerker has a melee dps of 6 dps on a maxed tank to where a med has 5.65 And a ranged dps of 5.75 to where a med has 6.2 dps And mage are both minuscule differences to not be included into the study. Resulting in a zerker being +.33 more melee dps and -.48 range dps with the glaring lack of tank compared to a med. Taking all this into consideration. A result would say that the med is substantially better (which is an obvious) however if the weight of melee dps can be held greater than range due to the abundance of protect range and range being a heavily favored combat school does this place any tipping of the scales pound for pound for the zerk? Note: already switched some gear over to the med, but still playing a devil advocate.
  3. Kcatta

    100% agree as a med everything is done in a efficient way.
  4. I have two mid level accounts and I constantly have an internal battle in my head in which I should I play and always question myself if I am playing at a severe disadvantage on zerk rather than my 75 att med, in which I definitely am in a defensive standpoint, however instead of doing some blind research on old archived posts on various forums I took it upon myself to put together my own math. The grid below shows a 'on paper' dps taking use of a tentacle whip (zerk) vs a zgs (med), rune crossbow (dragonstone e bolts), and ice barrage with no main hand. Came up with some pretty interesting results that tell me a little more about my accounts. Let me know what you think, what factors can be introduced to be a better study or a simple comment on either account and what each brings to the table as far as team composition. This is in need of edit, this grid above is based upon 'no target' remaking the grid according to as if the target was a 99 def tank. From first glance the proportions will stay relatively similar. Update coming soon
  5. Kcatta

    to late, have a max med and a max zerker. very much liking the zerker now more lol
  6. Kcatta

    Eh I do like to tribrid, but I miss my tent whip in multi is all ^_^ lol
  7. Kcatta

    Of course, I'm all about fun so I was thinking of having both, at the cost of losing my foot in the "pure" clanning scene which is semi-aids though
  8. Kcatta

    Hey dudes, so I got a 75 attack account with max str/mage/range with low defense as well as my max 75 att med with all the trimmings that will forever be my main, however I wanted to see how some of you enjoy a 99 attack mid-level zerk in comparison to a mid? Different playstyle to try and be more aggressive with melee, truthfully I miss a tent whip and desperately miss my zerker helm, but I want a good reason to ruin what is a badass pure clanner. Reason I'm asking here, is I know a bunch of you have a few of these max zerks kicking around.
  9. Kcatta

    Venge is litterally a fucking leech, can't recruit for themselves.
  10. Kcatta

    cant wait for this
  11. Kcatta

    these are hilarious, saw them the other day
  12. Kcatta

    sand casino is dangerous
  13. Kcatta

    Med for all around fun, tank to stay around and party all night
  14. Kcatta

    2006ish for sure
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