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  1. FishZerk

  2. FishZerk

    I had you guys scouted all night just sayin, I got those eyes the sky’s 24/7. Lol nah GZ on the 99 prayer! Res gang, ez game. elite zerks? Na reszerksss IMG_2018.mp4
  3. FishZerk

    Aye thanks for that 99 PRAYER S/O! #MaxZerk #MaxOnPaper #112MAX #46Def=MAX
  4. FishZerk

    Sexy loots
  5. FishZerk

    As easy as a carpenter making chairs 🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨
  6. FishZerk

    I got clapped by the mains but was still alot of fun
  7. FishZerk

    Skilling zerks , max zerks, then 46 defense not a zerker zerks In reverse order
  8. FishZerk


    Nice! What methods did you use for 93-99?
  9. FishZerk

    GZ so far! and yes, 75 attack is easily your first goal! after that i would grind out that 99 magic bursting for ez hp levels. the 99 prayer is something that you need to consider if the cost is worth the reward. GL
  10. FishZerk

  11. FishZerk

  12. FishZerk

    You can just call me fish, or zerk;)
  13. FishZerk

    sadly the drop party wasnt as biggest ive ever done but i did happen to give out a free kodi via triva querstion. The question was: who is the all time greatest runescape youtuber from 2006-2012 era? Ill give you a hint.... Ponybody got the kodi. and "thats why you never run from Stl Arrow in a DM. Cuz shit like that will happen"
  14. FishZerk

    Ayeeeee! Thanks god ur clutch stl, I deleted my screen shot by accident 😂 good thing I waited 1 week for you to get home for the 99 prayer party
  15. FishZerk

    Gotta love those barrage clumps. Zoo’s “Res Here” gets me to lol every time