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  1. FishZerk

  2. FishZerk

    You can just call me fish, or zerker. But holy or holiness can be saved for Sunday’s
  3. FishZerk

    sadly the drop party wasnt as biggest ive ever done but i did happen to give out a free kodi via triva querstion. The question was: who is the all time greatest runescape youtuber from 2006-2012 era? Ill give you a hint.... Ponybody got the kodi. and "thats why you never run from Stl Arrow in a DM. Cuz shit like that will happen"
  4. FishZerk

    Ayeeeee! Thanks god ur clutch stl, I deleted my screen shot by accident 😂 good thing I waited 1 week for you to get home for the 99 prayer party
  5. FishZerk

    Gotta love those barrage clumps. Zoo’s “Res Here” gets me to lol every time
  6. FishZerk

    the cape spawns the same place each time but is different per all players accounts? i think
  7. FishZerk

    lmao love the effort and pc editing skills
  8. FishZerk

    ZERK LIFEEEE, always good seeing more zerks
  9. FishZerk


  10. I’m gonnna have to take the over on this one, and I’ll even raise the stakes and be so bold to say I think the new Stl arrow bh 6 video will be out sooner then this ET kid phones home. So so while I wait.... I’m debating if my 109 75 prayer zerker is done done or could still improve? 1-get 99 prayer 2-fix my broken 46 def zerk and get that piety 3- go rouge and change my account name to stl yo bitch and finish this dudes bh pk series my damn self
  11. FishZerk

    Maxed my zerk at 75 prayer 109.9 cb. Lastly after Stl bh boy trains up my agility, and I complete ds2 or after stl arrow completes it when he comes home from his 5 week-long in 1 week trip. Is my zerker done? Or should I get more prayer leves? In my opinion it’s either done at 109 (I like raping the pures at the caves. Or I get 99 prayer, or stay 75 prayer and get my runined zerk 46-70 def.
  12. FishZerk

    Med Only if you like being a safer and outlasting the zerker. But slip up once and your donezo
  13. FishZerk

    Max out the zerk unless you can't don't consent to the act of rape. Cuz raping pures is a daily duty for us max zerks..... Shits sad never easy being the bully! Ultimately what would Stl Arrow say?