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  1. Cute

    I also win at video games.
  2. Cute

    Stick to CWA
  3. "I admit it, another clear got me finished Broke my clan, oh no you didn't Fuck sippin', I'ma down a whole bottle Hard liquor, hard truth, can't swallow Need a bartender, put me out my sorrow Wake up the next day in the same clan With a new spy, tell me he from AV And he love Res, he'll be gone by tomorrow Who am I kiddin'? All this jealousy and agony that I sit in I'm a jealous boy, really feel like origen I just want a real clan, guess it's been a minute Pissed off from the way that I don't fit in I don't fit in Tell me what's the secret to leaks', I don't get it Feel like I be runnin' a race I'm not winnin' Ran into resurgence today and they grinnin'" - Zewy
  4. I remember Welfarers CC putting up a better fight
  5. Cute

  6. Me while looting all the torags and +1s
  7. Cute

    Yep ITZ a ZOO topic
  8. Cute

    He is bolt
  9. Cute

    What? You never played tuber simulator?
  10. Cute

    Point n click adventures of the long-dick tribe