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  1. We approached PR late last week about some action and ended up agreeing on a PKRI. With our tight scheduling on this Sunday, we managed to push up our fight and get double action. Part 2 coming soon. The match was a 30 minute cap with multi spells on. We quickly made work of each pile and transitioned through the fight cleanly for an easy win. Thanks for the the fight PR!
  2. Steeze

    The boy, welcome to the hood man. Get that 75 def and lets do work
  3. terrible editing, camtasia is trash whatev tho
  4. Steeze

    Sick vid bro but u used only like 39 seconds of the best song. Definitely stealing it for my next vid
  5. Steeze

    thanks for Vidding bro keep doing this!
  6. Good fight Vengeance, looking forward to more clean action in the future!

  7. Steeze

    Welcome dude
  8. Steeze

    yes man
  9. Steeze

    sick vid friend
  10. Steeze

    Resurgence makes money on & off the field soz u had to go night night @Will
  11. Steeze

    sick asf dude
  12. Steeze

    was worth it tho
  13. Steeze

    Was super fun
  14. Steeze

    nmz forever
  15. Steeze

    we got shooters in the house
  16. Steeze

    You’re the new @Ouija
  17. Steeze

    Hell yeah steve good shit bud
  18. Steeze