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  1. Don

    Welcome to the forums. Thanks for filling out a correct introduction!
  2. Don

    112 all the way
  3. Don

    Impressive introduction I feel like I know you already please feel free to use me as a reference if you decide on joining as I'm unclear if you intend to. Thank you for using the correct template, that's some great stats mine are similar, they're - - - - - -. Magic is such an awesome name I wish my parents were into things like that when they thought of mine, but hey I'm named after a wonderful president of the United States of America. I see you're bored of pures we try our best here at Resurgence HQ to prevent boredom. We have a marvelous community. Hope to talk soon! Welcome to the forums!
  4. Don

    https://i.imgur.com/kVvI6Yz.gifv Easy game
  5. Don

    75 def owner wtf
  6. Don

    Shame they ran from just ME lmfao
  7. Don

  8. Started off the night smokin some retards at altar, ended up taking a Venezuelan bot farmer for his entire bank, made a pure get 2 defence, befriended a gamer in an archer helm and bsed him for it. After smokin out altar with all our fire, we ventured to deep wild for a few laughs. Ended up running into a Mexican Gang at RDG, within a few quick mins(as long as tyler lasts in bed) it was over the loot was taken. Nearing the end of our trip we ran into CL gf's all around.
  9. Don

    camping retards
  10. Don