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  7. Sunday: Sweeping the Wildy Ft. DF & SF Started the night off at deep altar peaking with 22 strong warriors, the night started off slow running into a flew singles pkers and small mans and a few boners, then we ran into SF and had a quick scrap, making quick work of those rat fuck pures, we cleared them quickly and continued to hop around. Altar was pretty dead, so we moved our operation to GDZ where we instantly ran into DF and all hell broke lose. We had a nice little scrap at gdz > gap for about 30 minutes, it slowly became a crash fest with randoms and pures so we dipped out and set up a 20 min capped fight at bandit camp in pvp world (gf df, thanks for clean action, hope to scrap with y'all again soon). After all that, we moved to rev caves where every world seemed to be filled with a giant team or a ballista squad, we decided it wasn't worth it for us to stick around, so we ended the night on a high note and decided to end. Overall, great night for us and a great pull for the Surgers. Thanks everyone for coming
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