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  1. Rylan

    Sunday PK ft. CT, SV, HS Started off our usual pk trip with 21 strong horsemen at Altar, we made quick work of a few boners and the occasional singles pker, other than than altar was pretty dead. After, we moved to Gdz and made a quick sweep in a couple of worlds scraping with CT and SV (gf everyone). We quickly teled down for our setup fight against Hit squad (LOL), we waited 30 mins for them to log into us and they got absolutely smoked off the map was pretty demoralizing, they came into discord complaining about a gear cap, never heard of the in the wild so we set up a round 2 and waiting 20 mins for them not to show up. We then moved to Rev's smiting an ACB from a random small man, we sweeped rev cave world by world smoking smalls mans, we then ran into PD and called it a successful night. thanks everyone to coming to yet another eventful trip! another pic
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    was fun ty
  4. Rylan

    ty was fun
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    free money
  6. Tuesday Night Pk Ft. CT, AV, NL Today the boys over at Surge HQ massed up to go own, per usual. We massed up around 16.25 men (sorry bear lmfao). We started the trip at altar running into a few small mans making quick work of everyone we saw. We baited a few singles kids into multi using our big brains for the absolute stank and after ran into Avalon who logged in with 10+ mains so we dipped from altar and onto the next hit. We asked CT for a small scrap and they gladly accepted giving us a few opts in exchange for some decent action. 15 minutes into the fight AV + SV crashed so we had a nice little cluster until we decided to take off. (Thanks for the action everyone.) We then decided to sweep deep 1 last time where we smoked two small teams and eventually ran into NL. We scrapped with them for about 10mins until we noticed they had too many and took off. We reached out to see if they were down to give us a fight similar to what CT had given us prior only to cheat/flame and bring more opts than they said they would, so 2 mins in we left. Imagine being a main clan having to cheat to try and get clean action with lvl 100s lmao. Overall we had a sick night and had some great activity across the board. Thanks to everyone involved!
  7. Rylan

  8. Rylan

    FRIDAY SMALL MAN Started at scorpia had shit luck, found a couple pkers. After, we moved to altar to find the booty loot, but there wasn't a lot out. We ran into a pure clan about 4 times (think it was DC, gf anyway). Made quick work of boners and other small mans. had some fun, made some money. Thanks everyone for coming. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/521097466968539136/639974739942834279/unknown.png
  9. Rylan

    was fun
  10. The Usual Tuesday Pk Ft. NL & Apex Sup retards, it ya boy Ry dog here coming at you fucking live from Dallas Texas, lmao (dox updated btw). We massed up like 10 warriors teled to ghorrrrrrok, legit was a fucking feast there not going to lie, was off my head on these cunts legit smiting every boner at the altar. After a few hops we ran into Apex + mains, made quick work of them, flamed their dumb asses in the bank. NL massed up to hit us and got smoked off the map, anyway none of us banked, fuck that shit think i'm banking for 800k, i'm not a bitch, besides the point, NL massed up like 16 to come hit meds, was really awkward, fought them for a good scrap (i was looting the whole time didn't die once) (lmao); whatever, show goes on. After that we hopped around a few more worlds, smiting some retard in monk robes for his toxic staff and 10k scales (ty lmfao). Yer that's about it, later.
  11. Thursday: Resurgence's Super Small Man Pkay We started off off our night pking at Rogues Castle, we ran into a few small mans and pvmers doing wildy slayer. We had a scrap with a 7-8 man team at 50 ports, in which Res swiftly smoked them off the map and collected their loot in our bags. After, we headed to altar to find the absolute juice. Altar always provides us with the stank and tonight the outcome was no different. We ran into override x2 (gf lads) and scrapped with a few other small mans and pures. Making quick work of every world and getting out with the loot.
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    money cord
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    Thanks for the loot, was fun!