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  1. Zerkdildough

    Lol, cleared
  2. Zerkdildough

    Lol, they said, “fight us pussies” and tellied out to regroup like five times lmfao!
  3. Zerkdildough

    Lol, strong shooters.
  4. Zerkdildough

    This is hilarious!!! Lol!!!
  5. Zerkdildough

    Damn tight! Shoootas in the house!!!! Lol
  6. Zerkdildough

    Easiest monies lol.
  7. Zerkdildough

    Was fucking fun!!! Thanks boys for the action! Love it!
  8. Zerkdildough

    We first started our CLEAN weekly battle with the Vikings. Vikings accepted the offer for a CWA. Both teams had good numbers with Resurgence and Vikings peaking at about 18. Even though it was a defeat, both teams had fun fighting with 55 def cap and max weapons. After feeling defeated losing, the Surgeons left CWA and swept at Altar. With mandingo ass clumps left to right, random teams were cleared and guess what?????????!!!!! The Surgeons took the "W" at altar against the Vikings. That's all that matters!! LOL. We felt defeated, but felt great after the dub at altar. Thank you for the fight Vikings! Good fight! Respect After altar, we moved it to Vetion. Surgeons ended up dominating anything we ran into. No one was able to stop the Surgeons from making bank. Just look at the damn pictures and see for your damn self! LOL. Thanks for pulling through boys! We go up! Never down. Thanks to those who stepped up to call piles. Good shit boys. Keep up the good work lads! Ended the night defeating a random team. Easy wins. "A champion needs a motivation above and beyond winning." -Pat Riley LOLOLOLOLOL!!
  9. Zerkdildough

    Good job men!
  10. Zerkdildough

    Dead men walking!!! LOL!!! Res wins again,
  11. Zerkdildough

    Good fucking tanks and DPS. Veng, respect to y'all!
  12. Zerkdildough

    Thanks for the fight Veng. Was fun!! Good job men!!!!! Keep pushing forward, never back down!
  13. Wednesday: Clans Wars Waging Action Ft. Vengeance So with Veng and us wanting to get some action for our clans, we decided to do a wager clan wars event. We agreed on waging 50 million gold pieces each clan for best out of three of the five rounds. Veng won the two rounds of three clutching them the 100 million gold pieces. Veng wanted to wage another 25 million gold pieces each clan for the last two rounds. Both clans had some solid tanks/rng but we managed to pull it through towards the end winning the last two rounds to make it best victory. With a slower night, both clans added more players as we got later into the night. Peaking at 19 with such a slow night, Res was able to gain numbers and many who did not make it, it was a pleasure to be victorious at the ending clutching the win for a 3-2. All rounds were great and both sides were furious. Thank you for the fight Veng. Overall, the Surgeons pulled out with the victory. Good job men. We only go up from here. Ain't going down. Prepare thy souls for victory and defeats. Where there is unity, there is victory. "If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know either the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle" -Sun Tzu (The Art of War) Round 1: Loss Round 2: Win Round 3: Loss Round 4: Win Round 5: Win
  14. Zerkdildough

    Was fun night boys! Good shit! PD trash for crashing lol. VR, thanks for the fight boys! ❤️
  15. Zerkdildough

    More I can’t wear my fucking quest cape Imao!
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