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  1. Zerkdildough

    Was fun. Keep up the good work surgeons! We are keeping this momentum going!!! And it willl continue! Let’s fucking gooooo!!!!!
  2. Zerkdildough

    Good fight boys!!!! Spears and piles on point!!! Keep up the great work!!!!!!!! Thanks EZ and The Boys!
  3. Zerkdildough

    Other teams we fought were dookie! 💩. Lmao. However, respect for those who let us kill them. keep up the good work lads. Everyday is a new day. Piles were on point. Calls were on point. Great leaders leads to great success!!! Keep up the great work leaders, aka everyone is a leader at heart. Keep it up surgeons!!!! ❤️ -Swag Pussay
  4. Zerkdildough

    I can’t grow hair. I’m a Siamese hairless beast! Lmao.
  5. Zerkdildough

    Easy loots lmao. Joined the last minutes of it. We still clapped dookie booties lmao.
  6. Zerkdildough

    Lol wtf?!! Op build! Would be op if 1 prayer lol!!!!!!!! Non members beast account lol.
  7. Zerkdildough

    Look up Swag Pussie. You gonna be my twin eh?!! Lol
  8. Zerkdildough

    Solid build man. Tank for us. The new staff makes your build so freaking powerful! Lol
  9. Zerkdildough

    You guys make me fking proud!!!!! Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!
  10. Zerkdildough

    Damn man, was fun while it lasted. Ez one bangs. Thanks EZ for the fight.
  11. Zerkdildough

    God fucking damn!!!! Y’all did fucking hella damage!!!! That’s fucking great!!
  12. Zerkdildough

    Gratz on achieving your goal!! Lol. Ez claps. I knocked right out!!!! My bad!
  13. Zerkdildough

    Damn man, was fun! Good job on the spears, piles. Everyone did a fantastic job. Good shit Surgeons. Keep the momentum going!!!
  14. Zerkdildough

    Gl joe!
  15. Zerkdildough

    God damn! Took so much off people lol! Good shit lads! Keep the momentum going lads!!!!!