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  1. Zerkdildough

    TB/SPEAR/ENTANGLES yeah, I know.. I'm pretty OP lol... Good job boys. Had fun!
  2. Zerkdildough

    EZ Clap boys!! Good shit!! Keep them +1's coming! Sexy asfk! Take what is ours =P
  3. Zerkdildough

    Nice! EZ still here ok?? lol. But I am SURGEON now lol.
  4. Lol, good shit. Venge hiding everytime lmao. Always gotta talk shit when they pull numbers and still get cleared lmao. Funny. #RES
  5. Zerkdildough

    Was fun!! Still #1 Spear lmfao!! That was fun even though I just got off work and joined last minute!! Thanks guys! Can't wait for Sunday!!
  6. Zerkdildough

    There you go! Keep it up brotha!
  7. Zerkdildough

    Bonk was made! Damn man, wish I can join late nights with you guys on my days off lmao. Geez.. Do trips late Thursday and Fridays please! Lol.
  8. Zerkdildough

    Meds. I have 99 Atl Zerk. Only fun when pking with Res. If you singles, only fun to fight pures. Lol. Med lvls do shit on 99 atk zerks. However, 99 atk zerk is fun for bossing. Med level for tribrid pking. I say Med. then make a 99 atk zerk. Have both accounts.
  9. Zerkdildough

    That's my Spawn too!! Lol.. EZ!
  10. Zerkdildough

    Good shit boys!! Too bad I worked =( I miss pking.... Always at the wrong time for me... Geez.... ZT planked lmfao!
  11. Zerkdildough

    Lol slapped. Nice lootations!
  12. Zerkdildough

    "Hmong" my ethnicity. Google it lol. This "Ga" Kinda like Nigga, but Hmongga lmfao!
  13. Zerkdildough

    Just a heads up, changed my name from Zerkdilough to Hmongga. ❤️
  14. Zerkdildough

    OP asfk!
  15. Zerkdildough

    Lol, dude is weak! Gets smacked all the time!