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    Welcome! Are you still in SV?
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    sik vid canon
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    Better then Miltz. GG
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    fuq ya
  5. As you all know Res & Veng have been beefing pretty much since day 1 for multiple different reason, which ultimately turned into us never fighting each other. We at the Resurgence HQ decided to do what was best for our scene and come up with some mutual agreements with Veng to start fighting consistently. This included us removing our intel & them giving us 1-2 fights a week including some random scraps here and there throughout the week. With that being said we did a quick 24hr prep to fight on this fine Sunday. After some negotiating Zewy & I agreed on a battle with the following rules: 25min Cap Multi Spells Team 2 Clear Resurgence Starting: 30 Vengeance Starting: 30 Honestly from our PoV the first 5ish minutes of the fight was the only point in the cap where the fight was relatively close. After that we feel that we had complete control, which was shown in the minimap photo's in both the vid and pictures. With that being said Veng were not push overs & actually put up a good fight until the end of the cap where we both took immediate endings & called it a night. Thanks for the fight Veng & Paragon for the AC...til next time. Resurgence Immediate Ending: 25 (32 on TS) Vengeance Immediate Ending: 20-25? (25-28ish on TS) ~ Video ~ ~ Pictures ~
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    Welcome homie.
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    Nice Winne
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    Thanks for the shortprep battle Liths.
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  11. Shout out to ya @ Dcranger. Much love! ❤️



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    Love this application. Great effort put into it. Can i ask why tf u have 15k house tabs tho? Just curiois 😂
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