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  1. Kizer

    Nice work guys, was sad to miss it
  2. Kizer

    Nice vid, looked like some tough fights
  3. Kizer

    the fact that you took steel arrows then didnt even get the right ava's had me dying 😂
  4. Kizer

    1. Link to your Introduction - 2. Current RSN - Impessible 3. What is your timezone? And what are good times/days for you to attend events? - US Mountain, most days are good anytime its hard to say specifically as I work PRN so my hours are super random 4. Post screenshot of Discord tag (E.G. Stl Arrow#5125) and a screenshot of TeamSpeak 3 (with you in a Resurgence channel) - 5. Who invited you to apply? - @Stl Arrow 6. Do you know any current Resurgence members? If so, for how long? - Only been with the community about a week, did some CWA and revs trips. People I've been around the most would probably be the people who attend Slagger's altar trips 7. Who is your ref? (Member+) - @Shaun 8. Have you read all the required topics and do you meet ALL requirements of the clan? - Yes, I meet/exceed all requirements and read the topics 9. Please attach a picture (which includes your rsn) of your combat level and stats (cropped images will not be accepted). - 10. Please attach a picture of your CWA gear & wilderness sets (minimum of 20 Sets Required) - 11. Post proof that you have Edgeville spawn unlocked. - 12. (Med builds/Tanks). Post proof that you have Augury unlocked. - 13. Please list EVERY CLAN/TEAM/COMMUNITY you have been a part of, and tell us about it. - Its been over a decade since I was a part of any sort of runescape clan/community, I have been a part of communities in other games and if you wish to know those I can add them, just let me know. 14. Why do you want to be a part of Resurgence? - I want to be a part of a clan and community that strives to be the best and dominate but also has a ton of fun while doing it. From what I've experienced in the events I've tagged along to as a friend Resurgence seems like the perfect place for that. 15. What do you have to offer Resurgence? - I will be extremely active, and highly dedicated. I may still be a pretty inexperienced pker and my pking skills are still super but I will more than make up for that with effort and a willingness to learn and improve. I will make every possible effort to attend every event, though sometimes real life will have to interfere. 16. Do you have a mic? - Yes 17. Did you read the Rule Policy? (Paste Message) - I HAVE READ THE RULES & PLAN TO OBEY THEM. 18. Did you read the Application Process? (Paste Message) - I have read the application process. 19. Do you have any additional comments? This is your last chance to come clean about anything and persuade us why we should accept your application. - As I said in the timezone question, I work PRN (part time as needed) for an EMS agency in addition to going to school. This means my hours are crazy random and there are times when Ill miss an event here or there because of last minute shifts. I will take every possible step to insure minimal interference with attending clan events but its better to be understood now that there are times where I will have to miss events with short-to-no notice due to a shift.
  5. Kizer

    gratz man
  6. Kizer

    this was one of my favorite things back in the day, if its active id be down
  7. Kizer

    I'll do my trial app tonight when I get home from work
  8. Kizer

    was fun, ez money
  9. Kizer

    good work boys
  10. Kizer

    Single spell fight was fun, had a good time at revs and altar afterwards
  11. Kizer

    Was fun, nice vid
  12. Kizer

    Ive tried to get into anime but its never been my thing, Ghost in the Shell and Cowboy Bebop the only ones Ive liked and managed to watch all of.
  13. Kizer

    Big gains, gratz man
  14. Kizer

    GFs thanks for letting me shake some of the rust off