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  1. Proteins

    this shit is just too dam easy fam
  2. Proteins

    GOing hard good shit
  3. Proteins

    Another day another dolla
  4. All my niggas is shootas try harder next time this shit was too easy
  5. Proteins

    What ?
  6. Proteins

    Thanks for action CT good shit SURGEONS!
  7. Proteins

    Bank fucking made
  8. Proteins

    On this fine Monday night the SURGEONS where supposed to have a night off, but being the blood thirsty fucks that we are we decided to have a spur of the moment pk trip. We started our night out at altar where we found and then baited singles pker after singles pker for the Booty Juice. Sweeped altar and peaked at 16 for a couple of hours until we started getting bored as we had drained the altar of its juice we decided to tele up to Greater Demons and see what we could find. This did not Disappoint we found a lost singles pker and SMOKED him for Juicy loot not ONCE but TWICE. After we proceeded to go everywhere ranging from GDZ to Newgate, Castle, and Bear we killed who we found until it got boring and calledit a night. EASY fucking loot for the SURGEONS. Here are the Spoils!
  9. Proteins

    Clean as fuck fight good shit men
  10. Proteins

    Good shit tonight boys keep it up
  11. Proteins

    Puff fucking puff
  12. Proteins

    Making that $$$
  13. Proteins

  14. Proteins

    Must be cuz ur Chinese 😅
  15. Proteins

    Too easy man