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  1. GloweN

    ye will be reapplying when I get reqs ^^
  2. GloweN

    rigour done
  3. GloweN

    Little update, still here, just not as active as I'd like to be
  4. GloweN

    Little update: 85 mage short term goal: Done Fire cape: Done
  5. GloweN

    Back after a 12 month break. Glowen got banned for RWT, RIP maxed tank :( Anyway, approaching week 3 on this new account and things are finally speeding up a little, will hopefully be rejoining you guys for alter and rev funsies as soon as possible. Going tank again ofc ;)
  6. GloweN

  7. GloweN

    You know it boiiiiiii
  8. GloweN

    Med time 😃
  9. GloweN

    Gz man
  10. Ez night. Juicy ass lewts for the surgeons. Wonder what veng's excuse this time will be?
  11. GloweN

    Gl with the goals my man. Looking forward to seeing your trial app 💪
  12. Great sweep lads. Veng nowhere to be seen as per, origen even had our location and knew we were out
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