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  4. NH Tournament Hosted by: Resurgence Saturday: June 6th This event will take place at Duel Arena and will be hosted to try and bring the RP/Med/Tank clans together as well as bringing more people to the scene. There will be a 100m Reward divided between the 3 winners with reward correlated with there final position. MUST BE RP/MED/TANK BUILD TO QUALIFY 5:00PM EST As we all know, with having such a variety of builds in our bracket it would only be fair to set 55 def cap with set weapons: Helmet: Neitiznot/Berserker/Warrior/Farseer Necklace: Fury/Occult Top/Bottom: Mystics/D'hides Shield: Spirit Shield Staff: Staff of Light/Thammaron's Sceptre Range Weapon: Dragon Crossbow with any bolts of your choice Gloves: Barrows Boots: Climbers/Mystic/Fremmy Rings: Your choice(NO SUFFERING) Spec weapon: AGS/Claws/Gmaul As for inventory setups: Regulating this will be very hard and can really only be verified as the 2 contestants challenge each other Each fight you can take a MAXIMUM OF 4 SARADOMIN BREWS! SIGN-UP ON DISCORD #NH Tournament
  5. Great job Surgeons!
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    Res Gang Singles Shenanigans The chants in the members chat shouted for some singles action, so we brought the action all across the wilderness. After completely clearing singles strip we ventured towards 44s where shortly after we had a few single clusters against MintMadCow's stream. After claiming 44s we decided to end our trip at entrance and not long after ran into Venge HQ but it never ended up being much with neither clan managed to take any kills. Tonights results - Res aint just a bunch of multibots
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