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    Saturday Singles Showdown We saddled up for singles starting early in AM and continued to cause chaos for the entirety of the day. Focusing mostly on the banana plantation singles action we managed to harvest an insane amount of coins adding up to well over 250m. As our numbers climbed we started to do some elaborate multi baits until every singles pker stayed at least 6 tiles from any multi line with Res around. Although several small breaks were taken throughout the day we managed to contest chins all day. v
  3. Res wins again........what's new


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    Res wins again
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    Res wins again
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    res wins again
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    Res wins again!
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    Res wins again
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    Res wins again
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    grind on brother!
  13. Wednesday Wilderness Campaign In the early stages of our quest we galivanted in the Northern area of the wilderness spreading from Old to New Gate. Within a couple of hops we staggered upon what little is left of DK, forcing them to return in rags on the first return. As if we expected different from them......... As we made our way south we got a glimpse of a cheeky pker which lead us right into TK which had slightly less than us. With little to no effort put forth the mini-map became clear of white dots and only the red and purple dots remained. With minimal action to be found in the area we swiftly ported to altar in hopes of finding a rare and elusive whale sighted just off the coast of multi. After the hunt had finished TK had reached out to us as they managed to gather a few more men. We frolicked to 50's which is were the fight was set out to be. As we logged in simultaneously we transitioned from pile to pile faster than Nurses broken English could relay the message.
  14. P I E T Y

    Sunday Slurp Fest As early as the first the drop of coffee landed in the pot, Resurgence set out to contest the wilderness for the entirety of the day. With majority of our actions spread out in the early hours, we managed to harvest filthy amounts of rodents for absolute bank followed up by hitting some pures during the cluster. We went out in our time zone later in the day and managed to over rule any opposition with ease. As we moved around we only found a few smaller groups but none of which put up much of a fight. Thanks for making it out everyone!
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    res wins again
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