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  1. P I E T Y

    Friday Night Chillin with the Boys Twas a quite night for the Surgeons as many of the men took too the taverns, So we decided to indulge in the lower Opts and took it upon ourselves too do a little Tank/Return tests. Given the circumstances the boys had a lot of fun smashing some egos of newest surgeons. We made our way to edge with the pleasure of a small drop party awaiting our arrival. The boys feasted on the loot and still decided the night was too young to take ending. We headed too GDZ and sniped a few streamers and several other small man teams. After a long 4 hour trip the Lads were getting restless so we decided to spend the remainder of our night in BH world. Big thanks to everyone who made it out for night. https://imgur.com/rVLIwGyhttps://imgur.com/rVLIwGyhttps://imgur.com/rVLIwGyhttps://imgur.com/rVLIwGyhttps://imgur.com/rVLIwGyhttps://imgu
  2. Thursday Complete Wilderness Domination What seemed to be a small group of Surgeons took to the altar in search of Infinite loot. We cleared world after world leaving some men thirsty and wanting more. After not long, we ran into JaJa and had a small scrap but shortly after got out due to having less people. After grabbing a few more people, We made our way too GDZ to begin our deep wilderness sweep. A few small teams fell slightly short of any amount of success against the Surgeons, But this did not slow us down. We moved all around from GDZ/RDG/Glory hill in search of anything but our numbers just continued to climb. As our numbers climbed above 20, We made our final strike at Rev Caves where the loot seemed endless. Dominating Caves for quite some time before JaJa tried to hit us again but this time they didn't have the numbers to really scrap. They did all they could for a solid 5 minutes but they soon realized we had several more then them. Thank you for the action JaJa. $$$ Plenty of money made and a lot of fun was had! $$$ https://image.prntscr.com/image/PDM6v9pKTamJjF3vhvyZZA.png https://image.prntscr.com/image/uIPAwjzsT4KeX9WtXeGaCg.png https://imgur.com/rVLIwGyhttps://imgur.com/rVLIwGyhttps://imgur.com/rVLIwGyhttps://imgur.com/rVLIwGyhttps://imgur.com/rVLIwGyhttps://imgur.com/rVLIwGy
  3. P I E T Y

    We fucking own
  4. P I E T Y

    Unreal amounts of loot free for the taking!
  5. What a sad excuse of a main clan, How many more clans gotta dick you down before you close
  6. P I E T Y

    Tuesday Night Out Ft. CT The Surgeons all seemed to trickle into voice chat a little late leaving a few of the ranks a little nervous prior to our short prep for a 30min scrap with our good friends over at CT HQ. Just before we were about to telly the numbers tallied 22 of the strongest Surgeons. The fight started out east of Bandit Camp, we fought for a solid 15mins before Rev caught wind of our scrap rudely interrupting. But morale was still high and the men desired to continue. We swiftly changed locations and continued the fight, This time we moved East of Chaos Temple. Once again we scrapped for another 10mins only to be crashed again.... Yet again, The Surgeons don't fade that easy so we decided to take the fight too CWA and set up a 20min Run in. Big thank you to CT for proceeding with all the fights regardless being down Opts. The night continued the same way all Resurgence trips go, Sweeping the wilderness uncontested everywhere we went. Plenty of money made and a lot of fun was had! https://imgur.com/1AD2EfS.gif
  7. P I E T Y

    Juice was loooooosssss! MONKFISH BIG DONATOR
  8. P I E T Y

    TyFF DF
  9. P I E T Y

    Holy fucking loot
  10. P I E T Y

    First Battle of New Year FT NL SMOKED 13 of the finest soldiers idled patiently waiting for some action to arise. After deciding to start our trip at GDZ, We quickly ran into an NL straggler which we exploded. NL trickled in very slowly falling before Resurgence one by one unable to get there and maintain more then 3 on map for the first 5 minutes just donating set after set. LOL NL was obviously demoralized to all hell and attempt to mass to hit us. A PM was sent trying to set up a fight but being NL, we figured they lacked the honour to fight us clean so we proceeded to hop around. Shortly after we found them again! This time they managed to come up as a whole team, but that still wasn't enough. Lots of Magic XP was gained by Resurgence as NL continuously clumped throughout the 45min fight. Imagine falsely accusing a med clan of calling CT to help because they were being outgunned in every aspect. CT were you there???????????? LMFAO After ending NL's 10man pull trip we decided to take our trip to the caves were the loot was plentiful. The Surgeons Feasted for several more hours uncontested hopping from location to location sweeping everything put in front of us. All in all, Another great day to be Resurgence! Was nice to get some decent action and shit on NL.
  11. P I E T Y

    Shit was FUN AF
  12. P I E T Y

    Good job today lads!
  13. P I E T Y

    Friday Altar Fiesta Tonight was just like any other night, Complete dominance at the Altar. Countless singles PKers fell before Resurgence, donating non stop +1s as well as an over abundance of STANK. With high hopes to venture all across the deep wilderness, We could not give rest to these singles rats. World after world, The same random team kept falling for simple baiting tactics taking the average Pker for 10m+ all night long. After nearly 2 hours of mayhem at the Altar, courtesy of Resurgence, We massed a few more shooters and made our way to wipe Revs. A few small random teams tried to contest us but fell short of achieving anything against us. https://image.prntscr.com/image/FtzUUaKGQvKLEytVbjcAIw.png
  14. P I E T Y

    Unbelievably Free! Happy Holidays to all!
  15. P I E T Y

    nice acct