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  1. Thursday: Operation Spider Ft Inners+Venge The night started out earlier than most, we had a small platoon of soldiers early on in the afternoon which decided to position themselves around spider hill with hopes of making a fortune. After killing all Pvmers and Pkers, we did a final total world sweep and managed to catch a skulled stinky pure for archers ring. Shortly after our mission commenced, we decided to round up a few more people and run a few rounds on inners. After a few rounds we decided to give Vengeance HQ a ring and see if they wanted to have a little CWA action. They happily accepted our offer quickly rounded up 22 matched opts resulting in 3 rounds of "bonding and bashing". Thanks for the action Vengeance, until next time! Saying as the night was still quite young, we decided to take the platoon back to singles strip/spider again to rap up our mission. We managed to find a 6-8 man team of random mains that we see hoping around very close to us. After scouting there world we managed to log in on top of them and give em the shake down for a few +1s.
  2. P I E T Y

    Action packed night, Wonder when the stinky pures will finally realize the med scene is the only scene
  3. P I E T Y

    lots of money! good looks
  4. P I E T Y

    Sunday: The trip after the trip The night seemed to young to call it quits after our scrap with PE earlier today so we took about 14 thirsty surgeons to PK the rev caves. After hoping a few worlds we quickly realized that the servers were still going to restrict us from hoping and dominating the rev caves. So we used our huge IQ to establish a plan too still make crazy money, so we took to Pvm/Anti-PK for the remainder of the night. We managed to scope up a few +1s through out the night aswell as several "rare" yet shitty drops.
  5. P I E T Y

    thanks for the scraps
  6. P I E T Y

    Thanks for the fight Venge
  7. P I E T Y

    Tuesday: Ending Asylums Trip Ft. Jaja The Surgeons patiently waited for the dinner bells to ring, upon the first lovely chime we rushed from entrance with complete destruction to anyone in front of us. Our scout managed to catch AY chasing some randoms north in caves so we logged in from the south and managed to catch a giant explosion consisting of at least 8-10 AY. After quickly asserting our dominance and setting the tempo of the fight we ran through member after member of AY for a solid 5 minutes before completely wiping them off the map resulting in them spending the remainder of there evening recruiting in W325. As the main event concluded the numbers dropped a little so we made our way to the faithful Altar where we hoped the loot was as plentiful as the rest of the night. Shortly after we started hopping we ran into JaJa which had a few less opts then us and we decided to scrap it out for a little until they no longer wanted to return. Ty for the little scrap JaJa. Throughout the whole day the Surgeons managed to harvest a ton of kids in every time zone for endless amounts of loot. Who said Res is dead??????
  8. P I E T Y

    Good shit Surgeons! PK all day effortlessly
  9. P I E T Y

    Sunday: GMT Chaos 25 Super Surgeons decided to do a early sweep of the wilderness during prime GMT hours, Incredible amounts of small teams roamed the caves waiting to be taken for everything. After sweeping the caves for several hours we caught wind of a giant cluster of Meds from through out the entire scene. We hit several different teams including PE/AY/EZ but majority of the action consisted of low level wildy fights resulting a giant tele fest we wanted nothing to do with. Shorty after leaving the cluster we decided to make the best of our early pull and made our way to do some inners before our EST sweep.
  10. P I E T Y

    Tons of action tonight. great work Surgeons!
  11. P I E T Y

    Ty for the lil scrap, Big money moves for Res
  12. P I E T Y

    nice looooooties, ether tax bitch
  13. P I E T Y

    Ty for the huge action everyone
  14. P I E T Y

  15. P I E T Y

    Gz my dude