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  1. P I E T Y

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    Fundamentals of StL's Success
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    hell yes!
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    Dats nasty, glad to see more 60's
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    hell yes brother!
  6. P I E T Y

    Saturday: Surgeons hit up Singles We decided to mix it up a little bit tonight and try our luck in singles! With most the attention directed towards BH worlds we did a late night singles strip trip and most definitely were not disappointed! Although we have a variety of account builds, we went out for the sheer fun of it. Multiple +1s taken, and a lot of Small man teams fell before the Surgeons! Easily a free 40m+. Thanks to everyone who made it out tonight!
  7. P I E T Y

    Yall better watch out for Res Gang! TYFF Venge, was a pleasure to have some clean action between us
  8. P I E T Y

    was good fun
  9. P I E T Y

    The Juice was Lose!
  10. P I E T Y

    was free as fuck for a friday
  11. Resurgence Spooky Thursday Deep Wildy Trip Ft. Override & DC Our Trip began no different then any other, Massing 16 of the strongest men we have to feast Deep Wilderness. Running into Override time after time only for them to run south and grab a quick tele. We sat at GDZ in hopes of a small battle, but were sadly disappointed. After scouting a few more worlds we decided to move to Altar. Within a few worlds we ran back into them catching them stranded and down Ops in multi clearing all but one or two which managed to singles. He must have made his way to the bank to inform his fallen comrades that there trip must come to an end because they were no where to be found for the remainder of the night. Thanks for the little action, its always a pleasure. Our numbers kept climbing so we eventually decided to head to the caves before we called the night a complete success. The first world we ran down, we instantly caught DC shaking in there boots, scurrying to the 30 line just to immediatly have to take a U-turn Straight back into us due to mass teleblock down south. We scrapped with DC for only a few more before they decided it was no longer worth returning to donate. Happy Halloween from Resurgence
  12. P I E T Y

    Sooooo lucky!
  13. P I E T Y

    thanks for the action NL and ty for the DP
  14. P I E T Y