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  1. Safarl

    LOL you keep reminding me this happened
  2. Live commentary god

  3. Safarl

    thanks guys ily
  4. ... ... shits too fucking easy i do this in my sleep every night
  5. Safarl

    picture looks kinda blurry, lemme know if im shit
  6. I believe this is a good way to make your tab. All the gear you need is one straight line across the first two rows, then you go to the next row and then to pots/food then you are geared. it takes me 15 seconds to gear/regear with this setup. fuck vent
  7. quit starving us of action!!! very sad!
  8. Safarl


    Welcome! Nice med account man.
  9. Safarl

    big shooter!
  10. Safarl

    What's next brother @Cheaky
  11. Safarl

    Whalecum friend!
  12. Safarl

    half way there!