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  1. dog

    Hey Andy
  2. dog

    Welcome big man
  3. dog

    Jeff is a good mans name welcome
  4. dog

    What’s up Aleks
  5. dog

    I never had a bed. - Micheal from the blindside
  6. dog

    Reminds me of a menthol cigarette
  7. dog

    L0l good man joe
  8. dog

    Imagine not being 🇺🇸
  9. dog

    Nice hard work and dedication my friend
  10. dog

    F2p molded me into who I am today gj
  11. dog

    More friends for me
  12. dog

  13. dog

    Hey man glad to have you here
  14. dog

    1. What is your name? dog 2. What is your RSN? G0BLLN 3. What are your previous RSN's? KOP Lure 4. What's your discord name/tag? (Example: Stl Arrow#5125) dog#2403 5. Please post a picture of your stats. 6. What members do you know and for how long have you known them? None 7. What is your past clanning history? Ragging and shitter IR 8. Tell us about yourself. Good guy