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  1. F3 FFS

    U were in EZ... ur one to talk about spastisim fucktard
  2. F3 FFS

    N E C K I T M O R O N
  3. F3 FFS

    Train my acct fr me and i would be based 90s ffs
  4. F3 FFS

    100% make me g00k boi ;(
  5. F3 FFS

    Thnx ❤️
  6. F3 FFS

    WHy hel0 gud sir
  7. 1. What is your name? Jonah 2. What is your RSN? F3 FFS will be changed very soon tho 3. What are your previous RSN's? Fuck idk man i change it every month l000000000l 4. What's your discord name/tag? (Example: Stl Arrow#5125) Jonah#4920 5. Please post a picture of your stats. - THIS IS A SKILLING CLAN RIGHT???? 6. What members do you know and for how long have you known them? Alot :) AWHILE! :) 7. What is your past clanning history? Veng Avalon Apping to CT 8. Tell us about yourself. Hi im 19 y/o/. i live with 3 roomates who are dumb asf but its ok cuz they c00l. IDK if ur curious about anything PLS PM ME ON DISCORD :) pce boys